Why do you need the best abroad admission consultants in Kochi, Kerala

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Why do you need the best abroad admission consultants in Kochi, Kerala?

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Are you a student seeking admission to a UK university with the intention of obtaining permanent residency after completing your studies?

Most students attend any UK university with the expectation that being on British soil will solve most of their problems, but there are some consequences they may face after their academic career.

We cannot deny the fact that the UK has always been one of the best living countries on earth. It’s very fortunate that the UK has the best spot on the globe to make working and living conditions exceptional.

But the main question is: how does an Indian student struggle to make their dreams come true? Here is the situation: the best abroad admission consultants in Kochi, like Guidance Plus Private Ltd., play a crucial role in the lives of study abroad aspirants. Because of a lack of career guidance and preparation prior to going to the UK, many students make a few common mistakes that weaken their ability to permanently settle in the UK. Many students avoid public gatherings and networking events due to a lack of confidence and the language barrier.

Many students from Kerala have decided to study abroad in the last few years. This offers new freedoms, but it is important to get the right information before you move to another country. Admissions consultants act as a liaison between foreign universities and students interested in studying abroad. They guide students and parents in the right direction. Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best abroad admission consultants in Kochi, Kerala, provides numerous advantages to students seeking admission to foreign universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia, and other countries.

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The best UK admission consultant in Kochi, Kerala

A qualified abroad admissions consultant can assist you with your higher education as well as your migration plans. A good overseas admissions counsellor is a valuable resource for parents unfamiliar with the private school system. They have access to a variety of universities or institutes and business sectors, which will help you choose the best course and institute that make it easy for you to stay.

Are you searching for UK student visa consultants in Kochi, Kerala? Contact Guidance Plus Private Ltd. today.

If you are a student planning to get admission to one of the top universities or colleges in the UK and plan to settle there after your studies, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will be your best choice. We help in tracking down the right university, college, or course. We have more than a decade of experience in the field and have sent thousands of students to top universities and colleges in the UK. Our student counsellors can assist you in selecting the right university, college, or course based on your preferences and inclinations. They are dedicated and well-experienced and can help you achieve your goals.

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The right information at the right time will result in a lot of benefits.

Student counsellors provide you with all relevant information about the country, universities or colleges, available courses to study, tuition fees for each course, scholarships available, and other eligibility requirements to get a student visa. Such information will assist prospective study abroad students in making their decision.

There are various opportunities for international students in the UK. Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree at a top university or college in the UK can choose between one-year master’s programs and two-year master’s programs. Because English is the medium of communication in UK universities, students must demonstrate proficiency in the language. There are options for applicants with and without IELTS, whose admission criteria depend on institute conditions and norms. A student must have an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher to be admitted to an undergraduate course at a UK university. Top universities ask for 7 or more in IELTS.

Free IELTS coaching

One of Kerala’s best abroad admission consultants, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., assists our students in passing the IELTS exams. Our services help the students scale up their language proficiency. This will be an added benefit for students who approach Guidance Plus Private Ltd. about studying abroad; it will allow them to travel to a foreign country and communicate with anyone without fear. They can easily understand the language and culture of that foreign country, mingle with people, and make new friends. This may also assist them in finding part-time work while they study. Also, assist them in finding jobs after finishing their studies to improve their chances of obtaining a permanent residence visa.

Without IELTS

Another piece of information for students seeking admission to UK universities: There is also another way to get into universities without taking IELTS. For this, the students have to fulfil English language requirements such as having a proof of over 70% in English in high school, attending an online interview conducted by the concerned university, or having English as their medium of instruction in school. This way, a student can also enter the UK with a student visa, but it should be very important to improve English communication because it will be essential to do part-time jobs while studying and have a chance to get full-time jobs after academics.

If a student wishes to obtain a permanent residence visa after completing his or her studies or while working in a permanent position, better communication will play an important role. As a result, it is critical for Kerala study abroad aspirants to be well prepared and well-planned before proceeding to UK universities for studies and wishing to settle there after the academics.

The best abroad admission consultants in Kochi, Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., will assist you with better planning and preparation for UK university admissions.
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How can the best abroad admission consultant in Kochi assist you in getting into a UK university?

All of your questions will be answered by the best abroad admissions consultant. No one can guide you better than an expert consultant. This is true even if they are not present in person. He or she will answer all your questions and clear up any doubts to help you choose the right university or college and course you want to take. A few of the consultants can also help with test planning. Our student counsellors at Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will provide information on test preparation guidelines.

One of our abroad admissions consultants’ most notable qualities is straightforwardness. The consultants must understand your needs and focus on them. We do not make false or impossible-to-believe promises. Our student counsellors are straightforward with their customers, whether it is in telling them the location, convenience, or cost structure. Throughout the interaction, they should be honest with their customer.

The abroad admission consultant provides information about the country, culture, student backgrounds, places you can see, and accommodation to live in. They also offer advice on lifestyle factors. The admission consultant helps students with their education and answers all of their questions.

The best abroad admission consultant in Kochi, Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., can assist you in selecting top universities and courses. Get in touch with us today.

When a student has decided where and what they want to study, the Guidance Plus team will start the documentation process. The counselling team will always get in touch with the student until all the processes are completed. They will assist students in the university admissions application process based on their interests and eligibility.

The documentation team will process the student visa application and follow up until the student gets their visa. Once the student gets admitted to the university and gets a student visa, we will conduct a pre-departure meeting to provide students with all of the country’s information. During this meeting, the abroad admission consultants will explain what steps must be taken before travelling to a foreign country.

Moreover, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of Kerala’s best abroad admission consultants, will assist the student in finding accommodations near their universities or colleges. Each year, the abroad admission consultants send thousands of students to various countries, so they may be a student or employee in those countries currently. With the contacts of those previous students, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. can assist the current study abroad aspirants in getting accommodation near the universities or colleges.


There is nothing to worry about if we have proper planning and preparation. If you are a student in Kerala and wish to study abroad or study and settle in the UK after your academics, the best abroad admission consultant in Kochi, Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., will be your right choice.

Each year, we send many students with a 100% visa success rate. They’ve all started their paths to their dream career at Guidance Plus Private Ltd. Our proper guidance enables them to easily gain admission to top universities for their desired course. Some of the students go with their life partner, and we also provide the service of processing dependent visas for those who wish to travel with their spouse or children. So don’t wait if you have a plan to study abroad; please contact us and talk with our student counsellors.

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