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Our Story

Guidance Plus, as one of the most reputed international education consultation facilitators in India, represents over 1000+ premier educational Universities, Institutions, and Colleges all over the world to impart impeccable guidance and matchless mentoring to aspirants, leading them towards excellent education opportunities.



Years of Experience

Guidance Plus has more than Ten (10) Years of experience in the student recruitment spectrum and remains the one-stop solution in lieu of educational or career consultation for students at many top universities across the Globe. Our advisory board consists of UK and USA top faculties and industry experts.

With our expertise, we offer affordable and effective career counseling for students to discover their skills, aptitudes, and interests and then guide them to choose a career that suits their talents best. Our services are professionally structured for mentoring students and helping them pursue higher education based on their determination and ability.

Our story


Guidance Plus is an establishment with potential in its very essence, and we spread that spirit in all our services. Our team is employed with the perfect combination of consulting, research, technology, industry alignments, and best practices to augment great educational consulting operations. We are spearheaded by an adroit advisory board rich in qualifications and experience, leading us to success.

One-stop solution for overseas Education

We are the great and the best service provider in the student recruitment industry.



Every step in your quest to secure admission to an international university should be treated with due diligence. Even subtle mistakes may hamper your ambitions to study abroad.

Guidance Plus is an authorized student visa consultancy that works with more than 1000+ top-ranked professional Universities and Colleges around the globe. We offer the most resilient assistance in bolstering your chances of gaining an offer from your dream university.

We are directing students with real enthusiasm, and we make the admission processes simple for students by providing a clear understanding of the course of action and aiding them to enroll successfully in the various professional and timely courses. Our team systematically guides aspirants to educational institutes that best suit their interests.

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