Deciding to Study in Sweden

Choose the best study abroad consultants to study in Sweden.

Are you ready to choose a suitable study abroad destination that can help you foster your career? Then you can choose to study in Sweden. Whether you’re considering pursuing higher education or conducting research in a dynamic and innovative environment, Sweden offers a plethora of opportunities for international students. You can move your study application to Sweden with the best Sweden education consultants in Kerala, Guidance Plus. With an expertise of over 10+ years, Guidance Plus is a leading agency in the abroad education field.

Why Study in Sweden?

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes. It is a nation located in Northern Europe. Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union by land area. The country secured 4th rank in the World Happiness Ranking of 2024. Moreover, Sweden is a highly developed nation that comes in at number six on the Human Development Index.

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Benefits of studying abroad in Sweden

1. High Quality Education.
2. High Standard of Living.
3. Easy Admission Process.
4. High Visa Success Ratio.
5. Schengen Group Country.
6. IELTS Not Mandatory.
7. English-Taught Programs.
8. Part-time work for 20 Hours.

Entry Criteria for Study in Sweden Universities

Some of the most popular courses in Sweden are Engineering, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Medicine, Computer Science, Design, Law, Applied science, Agriculture and so on.

Course Qualification IELTS Score
Bachelor’s Grade 12 with a minimum of 60% Overall: 6
Individual: 5.5
Master's 4 years Bachelor's degree or
3 years Bachelor's + 2 years Master's degree with minimum 60%
Overall: 6.5
Individual: 6

If you want to study in Sweden, a language test is a mandatory requirement. You can take IELTS or TOEFL. PTE is also accepted in Sweden. The overall required score for TOEFL to attend a university in Sweden is 90. When it comes to PTE, the overall required score is 62.

Why choose the Top Sweden education consultants in Kerala?

There are usually two major intakes to study in Sweden. They are the Autumn intake and Spring intake. Usually, the applications for the Autumn intake must be submitted by mid-January. When it comes to Spring Intake you should submit your application by mid-August.


For a bachelor’s minimum fee starts from SEK 1,00,000 per year which is around 7.7 lakh Indian money. For the master’s, the minimum fee requirement is SEK 1,10,000, per year which is around 8.6 lakh Indian money.
Regarding scholarships for Indian students in Sweden, the availability is high. There are different varieties of scholarships for students. These include the ones offered by governments, both the Indian and Sweden governments and non-governmental organizations. In addition, to these, some scholarships are offered by the particular institutions in which the students are planning to study.

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Here are some major scholarships for those looking to study abroad in Sweden for higher education:

If you are planning to study in Sweden and need any assistance in this regard, you can contact Guidance Plus. Being the top Sweden education consultants in Kerala, we can assist you in securing your admission to your dream university. You can contact our counselors or visit the website for further details.

Which universities are we representing for studying abroad in Sweden?

Uppsala University
Linnaeus University
Halmstad University
University of Skövde
Dalarna University
Jonkoping University
Kristianstad University