Engineering courses in Canada

    • Diploma in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technician

      It is a TSSA accredited program. After completion of the first year, the student starts working as entry-level industry positions like Gas Technician, Oil Burner Technician etc. After completion of the second year, the candidates can take licence and work fully fledged.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business and Safety Management

      This course is for Industrial, Mechanical & Civil Engineers. A Highly demanded course and it has 15 weeks work placement in 4th semester.
      Fees – 3.7 lakhs/ sem

    • Graduate Certificate in Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering

      This course includes the study of CAD, Blue Print Reading, Machining and Welding etc. The course will sharpen leadership and administration skills. The course duration is one year with 2 semesters.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate certificate in quality engineering management

      This course is for Mechanical Engineers. They will be able to improve the techniques of delivery and quality of goods and services. After studies can work as quality inspectors, quality supervisors, quality coordinators, quality managers, quality technicians, project managers etc. They can work in the industries like maintenance, packaging, construction and manufacturing etc.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate certificate in Industrial Automation

      This course includes the study of robotics, logic controls, industrial networks etc. Students will get a practical experience in labs and also project-based learning will make each student competitive in this industry. Career opportunities are in Aerospace Manufacturing, System integrators, Automation distribution and sales, Pharmaceutical industries etc
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate certificate in process quality Engineering

      This is an advanced level program with knowledge and techniques to improve the delivery method of each candidate in the engineering sector.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Civil engineering Technology

      This course is designed for infrastructure facilities like roads, dams, water systems, pipelines etc. Lab experience with GIS and CAD.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Mining Engineering Technician

      You will get experience through field trips and hands-on demonstrations by experienced faculty. This course is accredited by TAC and OACETT. You will get industry placement in the 4th semester. You will be working in the specialized areas like Mine Surveying, Mine Geology, Field exploration, Mine ventilation, Mine safety, Ground control, Mine Planning etc.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Power Engineering Technician

      You will get knowledge in power plant operation and maintenance through theory and practical classes. 3 months academic placement is available during studies. Employment opportunities are in Pulp and paper mills, Refrigeration plants, Hospitals, Cogeneration facilities, Mining, District heating plants, Manufacturing plants etc

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology

      This 3 years course will give practical experience to students in electrical control systems, instrumentation and power electronics. This course has apprenticeship facility. Students get a facility of an industry-standard 600-volt electrical lab. Job opportunities are in motor controls, maintaining and operating industrial electrical equipment etc.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Computer system Technology

      You will get 4D learning opportunities, fieldwork placement and certification opportunities like CCNA, CCNA-S, Cyber Ops, CCNP, and MCSA. This is a 3 years program with 6 weeks placement. Employment opportunities are open in governmental, retail, industrial, educational, and medical. You can work as a System administrator, Network designer, Information systems product support technician, Network installer, Network security, Network administrator.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application development

      It is a 1 year (3 semesters) program with a field placement in 3rd semester. This is an Android and IOS device based program. Job opportunities are in Health Services, Not-for-profit organizations, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Software development companies etc.

      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Network Technician

      This is a 2 years course. This program has programming part, server administration part, LANs and WANs session, client service etc. Employment opportunities are as Helpdesk Support, Network Technician, End-user Support, Network Administrator etc.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Industrial Mechanical Millwright Technician

      It is a 2 years program with placement option. Students can gain skills and ability to, install, diagnose and maintain plant machinery. You can also get training in instrumentation, mechanical, electrical, and computer-aided drafting skills. You will get a job in the Manufacturing industry, Hydro/nuclear installations, Printing industry, Steel industry, Forestry operations, Pharmaceutical industry, Mining operations etc.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician.

      Students will get training to operate main control systems field instruments. The student will get technical skills for maintenance and troubleshooting. Job availability in industries like petroleum refining, chemical, auto manufacturing, food processing, steel production etc
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Graduate Certificate in Embedded Systems engineering Design

      This is a two-year program which covers subjects like information science, electronics, computer science, communication science software science. Embedded Systems Engineering Design gives interdisciplinary learning experience in embedded systems engineering fundamentals, integration of modern communication principles with industrial and portable electronic devices and design concepts. It also gives an in-depth understanding of the modern industry in the field of embedded devices.Job opportunities for software designers, embedded software engineers, telecommunications software engineers, firmware engineers, embedded designers systems integration engineers and firmware testing engineers.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technician.

      This is a two-year diploma program which gives training in utilities, electrical, wind energy, manufacturing and mining. This course will make students understand and analyse the action and interaction of internal operations. Students can find opportunities in the fields of electrician, millwright, electromechanical etc.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

    • Diploma in Biotechnology

      This course will make students study practical applications industry microbiology, organic Chemistry etc. After this course, a candidate can work as quality control and quality assurance in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. You will be hired in companies like Mill Street Brewery Divisional Natrel, Maxxam Analytics, Cosmetica Laboratories Inc.
      Campbell Soup Company, Griffith Laboratories bioMerieux etc.
      Fees – 3.5 lakhs / sem

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