What Makes Us The best Study Abroad agency In Kerala

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What Makes Us The best Study Abroad agency In Kerala?

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Education is something that every individual needs for a successful and rewarding future. The journey begins with choosing a course and a university that the individual loves. Today, most of the Indian students are leaving behind their home country and choosing a foreign university for their higher studies. Studying abroad is now considered as one of the most efficient ways to level up, gather expert knowledge, learn about new things, people, culture, places and put start to a rewarding career.

Finding the perfect course and the destination of study is the first step. This can be simplified by finding an abroad study consultant. Choosing the perfect study abroad consultant is your first step towards your dream career. A study abroad consultancy will help you with anything and everything that is related to your studies. So if you are planning to study abroad, where do you begin with? To get a clear idea about where to begin, reach out to one of the finest overseas education consultants in Kerala – Guidance Plus!


So what makes us one of the best study abroad consultants in Kerala?

Guidance Plus is the most trusted study abroad consultancy with an experience of more than 10 years in the students study abroad domain. We help each student with all the necessary services for a smooth and hassle free documentation and admission process.

Career counselling

Stuck on a loop or a heap of confusion or just don’t know where to begin from? Our professionals here at Guidance plus will help you all the way. Our team is equipped with experience, expertise and resources to help sort out the best for every student. We help you clear every query, doubts and everything that gets in the way of choosing what’s best for you.

Colleges and university shortlisting

Sorting out courses and the universities that provide specialisations in them is not an easy task. It requires efforts, patience and time to figure out which are the universities and the countries that provide the best courses taking into consideration a wide number of factors.

Assistance in admission and application process

A proper understanding of the application and admission process is one of those basics that will help you to get ahead of the rest and to find and enrol for your dream course. Our experts are here to help and brief you on every doubt and clear every query. For example if the United Kingdom is your preferred study location a basic idea of the admission process will help you to prepare for it. Aspiring to study in UK? Then get in touch with our team of UK study consultants in Kochi.

Up to date with all the legal, political and technical requirements

At Guidance Plus, each and every person is constantly updating themselves to meet every requirement of the student. We are a versatile group of individuals, constantly working towards improving the services provided to each student.

VISA documentation

 We are one of the best study abroad consultants in Cochin that comes with a 100% visa success rate. Our team takes care of each and every step that comes in between and provides you with an easy and hassle free experience.

Financial planning

Studying abroad involves funds and a proper planning of the same is required to carry out your education smoothly. We provide our students with all the assistance that they require in order to get the funds at the required time.

These are some of the several features that sets us apart from the others. We always recommend every student to choose a study abroad consultancy for all their abroad study needs. Guidance Plus has been always the first preference of many students which connections with universities around the globe.

For more information reach out to one of the best overseas education consultants in KochiGuidance Plus.

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