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Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Writing Your Sop

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The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most important document for every student who’s on the lookout for pursuing a course abroad. It is one of the first thing that comes in the list of documents that one needs to prepare, if they are planning to study abroad. Hence, it is important for every student to understand what is a Statement of Purpose and how to prepare one. An SOP must be carefully written by the students taking into consideration many things. Thus, a proper planning is required to curate and present the required information in an organised manner.

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An SOP should clearly state why and how much a student wants to get admitted in that particular University. It should be personal and original. So if you are planning to study abroad in a university that you love – why not partner with the study abroad consultants in Kerala? Contact us to know anything and everything about abroad education.

Usually an SOP consists of 1000words max. So, while writing yours make sure that you tell the story within this word limit. You should include your career goals, your educational qualifications, purpose and all those necessary things that you have achieved till date that makes you a qualified candidate to study in the university.

Now let’s look at the top 5 things to keep in mind while writing your SOP.

Write in the form of stories not statements

Organise everything you have to say in the form of a story rather than just statements. Think about all the possible reasons that you want to pursue this course in that particular University. Take your time sort out all the required information and write it into a story. Moreover, make sure that you have written all these in their proper order. Start with a basic introduction, then move on with your academic certifications, achievements and end it with why you want to study there.

Including work experiences if you have any

Having work experience in the relevant field will help you to stand-out from the rest. Include all those experiences you have acquired from different sources from your career to get an upper hand over the others. This can range from an internship to a voluntary work that you have undertaken in the past, related to your field of study.

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The extracurricular activities and achievements

By adding the extracurricular activities and your achievements in them can help you to draw out your ambition, passion, determination and skills. Extracurricular activities are always appreciated and this can be used to express yourself in a more clear and interesting way.

Keep it formal, but in a friendly tone

The SOP is one of the most important documents that needs to be written properly in order to impress the officials at the University. Therefore, try to keep it formal and in a friendly conversational tone.

Proofread, re-edit and even ask your friends/teachers or even family to assess it.

Once the first draft is done, go for a detailed proofreading and even consider re-editing if required. If you feel that you are satisfied with the SOP, give it to your friends/teachers or even family for a quick assessment. They might be able to give key insights and feedbacks regarding it. Our experts at Guidance Plus are always ready to help the students right from the planning stage. So if you have any doubts or queries just reach out to us.

These are some of the most important things that you need to take care while preparing an SOP. Always keep in mind the fact that this document needs to be prepared really carefully without missing out on any key academic or life achievements. We at Guidance plus will help you with anything and everything related to abroad education. Our team of experts have experience in dealing with a diverse group of students. To chase your study abroad dreams reach out to the best study abroad consultants in Cochin – Guidance Plus.

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