The best abroad education consultant in Kochi, Kerala conducts a student session for the 2023 intake of Queen’s University, UK.

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It’s time to learn more about the UK university admissions process. If you are planning to study abroad and are confused about where to start, then this blog article will lead you to the right place. Before you start the application process for studying abroad, you need to know information about the universities or colleges, study cultures, benefits of studying there, courses offered by the university, fee structures, accommodations, student facilities at the university, etc. Also, be aware of the deadlines for admission at each university or college. Because the date will vary from university to university. Each aspirant to study abroad starts with a lot of questions in their mind while planning to do so. This is the situation in which a best abroad education consultant in Kerala like Guidance Plus Private Ltd plays a crucial role in the student’s life by turning their study abroad dream into reality.


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Why is it important?

Knowing the right information at the right time will lead you to the right place. The information or guidance you got from the right place will change your life amazingly. It is more important that the information come from an authorised person or organization. Because the information you really want will come from a trusted source, it will give you the confidence to make a good decision and move forward with the decision to achieve your dream. This is why Guidance Plus Private Ltd. frequently conducts student sessions for aspirants to study abroad to give them the best guidance. These student sessions always help the aspirants for abroad study to clear their doubts with trusted sources like delegates from the foreign universities.

Every student session conducted by Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is always filled with delegates from the concerned foreign universities or colleges. So the abroad study aspirants can directly clear their doubts and concerns about the abroad study with the university delegates. Our former candidates have attended these types of student sessions, cleared their doubts, and gone to foreign universities with full happiness and a free mind. This is why Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is one of the best education consultants in Kerala. We always give you promises that we can only keep.

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Next Student Session near you

Guidance Plus Private Ltd is going to conduct our next student session for 2023 intakes in UK universities. Especially for the Queen’s University, UK. This session will be held on November 9, 2022, at our MG Road office from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The university delegates going to participate are Anna Lyttle, from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science, and Rebecca York, from the Faculty of Medicine and Health life Science. This session will cover the details of abroad admission for UK universities, especially the admissions for the 2023 intakes at Queen’s University, UK. But the session is open for all the abroad study aspirants who want to go to top universities in the UK. The aspirant can ask their doubts related to the whole admission process, university details, course and scholarship details, university culture, job opportunities after the study, and all other requirements for studying in the UK.

The foreign university delegates will patiently clear all your doubts by communicating with you individually. This is the highlight of these student sessions. That’s why our former students who got admission in premier universities in the UK commented in their testimonials that we are one of the best educational consultants in Kochi and Kerala.


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About Queen’s University Belfast, UK

The Queen’s University of Belfast is a public research university in Belfast, situated in Northern Ireland, UK. The university was founded in 1845 as Queen’s College, Belfast, and opened four years later, together with the University of Galway and University College Cork. This is a prestigious Russell Group UK university and is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world by the World University Rankings. Queen’s University Belfast is well known for its amazing heritage and history. It has many undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes on their various campuses. The university is also rich with very prominent professors in various fields, and this will help the international students get the best guidance and a world-class perspective in their field of study. You can learn more about Queen’s University Belfast, UK, here.

How can you attend the student session for the 2023 intake of Queen’s University, UK?

Any abroad study aspirant who wants to attend the student session for the 2023 intake of UK universities can directly contact Guidance Plus Private Ltd’s student counsellors by simply calling these numbers: +91 7306135727, +91 8137832666, +91 7306883107, or contacting us here. You can come with a lot of doubts in mind and go with a free mind and a happy heart. We are one of the best abroad education consultants in Kochi and Kerala, with more than a decade of experience in this field, and we have transformed many students’ dreams of studying abroad into reality with our impeccable services.

The role of the best abroad education consultant in the life of an abroad study aspirant

As the best abroad education consultant in Kochi and Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. has helped thousands of students get admissions in premier universities and colleges in the UK, Germany, Ireland, etc. With our one decade experience in the abroad education consultant field, we clearly know the aspirants’ minds. Every time an aspirant for an abroad study programme approaches us to get the best guidance for their foreign education, our highly dedicated team at Guidance Plus Private Ltd will patiently hear their concerns. Then only will it give the right guidance that suits the aspirant’s dream of education. Our student counsellors will give you detailed information about your study abroad application processes and will help you to do the same.

As a best abroad education consultant in Kochi and Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd not only gives the application process assistance but also does the regular follow-ups to get student visa approval, giving German language courses and IELTS coaching, spouse visa processing, conducting pre-departure meetings to describe the country going to visit, and providing accommodation assistance in the country in which the student gets admission with the help of former and current students who got admission through Guidance Plus Private Ltd in the university or institute.


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Are you planning to study abroad or thinking about how to easily get admission into a top UK university? Then don’t wait. Come and join in our student session for the 2023 intake for UK universities, which will be conducted on November 9, 2022, in our MG Road Office at 11 a.m. The foreign delegates from the concerned universities are here to help you. As the best abroad education consultant in Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. can promise you the best abroad study consultant services that you really need. Come and make your dream of studying abroad a reality. You can contact us here to learn more about our services.

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