Terms & Conditions

Guidance Plus Educational Services Terms and Conditions for using Website :-

Guidance Plus Educational Services build this website purely information about Universities, Colleges, Institutions in India and Abroad. Those who are student, Parent, Educational program seeker they can use our website as per our conditions. After 12th standard of Indian Education students their parents can use this website.

Sole Ownership of Website rest in the name of Guidance Plus Educational Services :-

Guidance plus educational services own all authority in content making, posting, drafting, marketing, promotional activities. As a viewer you have only limited power to visit our website. You can visit our website and have accessibility to view our website. Visitor don’t have any right to change the content or add the content. If it is anything happened visitor is breaching the contract. Visitor shall be punishable in law.

Visitor Limitations :-
  • Visitor of this website doesn’t have any right to post this website content to any other website or any other media, Marketing, Promotions..etc
  • Visitor doesn’t have rights to sub licence/Rent/Commercialize this website.
  • Visitor not permitted to harm or damage the content.
  • Visitor can’t any rights in hack or disability to this website. If visitor do any kind of malpractice he/she will be punishable under law
Guidance Plus Contents rights :-

Sole rights of content modification, Adding, Maintaining ..etc lies only in hands of Guidance Plus Educational Services apart from this no one doesn’t have any rights to modify of add any type of content, images, Videos, Blogs. If anything happens he/she will be punishable under law.

Website warranty :-

This website doesn’t provide any kind of warranty or guarantee to any visitors. Its sole rights reserved in hands of Guidance Plus Educational Services.

Liabilities and Commitments :-

Guidance Plus Educational Services not giving any kind of commitment to visitor. Its directors, Employees, Board Members.. etc doesn’t liable to any visitor.

Servablity :-

Any content or images is harm to government, Public any Institutions Guidance Plus will change such contents without any harm to any other content.

Revisable conditions :-

Guidance Plus Educational Services have all rights to change contents, Images, Videos, Media in future depends time to time.

Rights :-

This website owners have all rights to change, Sub Licensing, Lease, Sell..etc Third party doesn’t have any rights to do any kind of malpractice.

Land of Law :-

If any dispute arises the particular dispute will proceed under Kerala judiciary.