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Study Abroad? We Can Help

Cochin is a tier 02 metro city also, it is a central part of Kerala, India. Many of the top business, finance, IT, Pharmacy, Fashion corporates are in Cochin. Overseas education is a growing industry. Many of the students are seeking quality agent services for their desired courses. Study abroad consultants in cochin, here, Guidance Plus Educational Services helping the students to pursue their dreams. The organization has 09+ years of vast experience in this stream. Also, successfully placed more than 1000+ students in various countries’ institutions.

Why Guidance Plus?

Every student has different interests in courses. Qualifying a program from abroad and meeting the stipulated entry conditions, the aspirant needs a supporting hand from an authorized study abroad consultant in cochin. An expert agency can lead and place the student in the right direction. Guidance Plus Educational Services have a long history of placing students to abroad; also, many organization leaders are qualified for their masters or Ph.D. from the world’s top 200 Universities. Moreover, the agency leaders have rich experience in education, business, travel. Guidance Plus Educational Services aligned with a solid and educated team to managing the student’s admission and visa procedures. Therefore, total satisfaction will be the outcome.

Students have different perspectives about the course, colleges, universities. Therefore, they will approach an agency for multisided information. First, the agency will understand aspirant capabilities and resources. Then, Guidance Plus will begin the student visa application procedures. Agency were providing bottleneck information to their clients. Furthermore, on behalf of the student, the agency will apply the course to the respective University. Once they receive the University’s offer letter, the consultancy will ask the student to process the payment. Nevertheless, the candidate can pay the fees directly to their institution, with no need to pay any additional or hidden charges towards the consultancy.

Secondly, the agency will begin to collaborate with the student to arrange study visa documents. Furthermore, the agency will share the student documents with the University for approval. As well as the agent will file the visa on behalf of the student. Then, the student will achieve the visa. Nevertheless, a candidate requires arrival support in a foreign country. Guidance Plus Educational Services have A to Z services and associations in the channel. Hence, 0% worries for the candidates. Moreover, GPES have airport pick up, meet, and greet services, accommodation arrangement, part-time job assistance, future career counseling.

Cessation side, Guidance Plus Educational Services is a top-rated study abroad consultant in cochin. Functioning as the primary business hub at Cochin, the agency has branches and services centers in various states and countries. In addition, the organization is functioning for the welfare of the student community.

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