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Steps for Acquiring Study Abroad Scholarships

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Study abroad scholarships are a great means to support students financially in their abroad education. Most foreign universities ask applicants to present proof of their financial situation. It is to prove that they can support themselves financially during their educational period at an overseas university. This element of financial stability adversely affects many students and leads them to drop their dream of overseas education. However, there are some ways to solve the issues with the financial stability of a study abroad aspirant. Those solutions can be financial aid and study abroad scholarships.

Scholarship Categories

Study abroad scholarships provided by different organizations, both government and private, are available now. To attain certain study abroad scholarships, the candidate must fulfill certain criteria put forward by the organization. However, there are different categories of study abroad scholarships, like

  • The study abroad scholarships offered by different authorities like:  
  1. Universities
  2. Government
  3. Organizations
  • Study abroad scholarships for all overseas education aspirants.
  • Location-specific scholarships
  • Subject/program-specific scholarships
  • Student-specific scholarships
  • Study abroad scholarships for students with low income.
  • Merit scholarships for students:
  1. having an excellent academic performance
  2. with excellent research achievements.
  3. having excellent artistic achievements.
  4. with excellent athletic achievements.
  • Study abroad scholarships for students from underrepresented groups (SC, ST, etc.)

Steps to follow

1. Do enough research

Conducting ample research will help you understand the availability of resources around you. Many government and private organizations provide different study abroad scholarships for students who wish to complete their higher education at a foreign university. Hence, all you need to do is research;

  • The availability of study abroad scholarships based on your needs and criteria.
  • the institutions that offer different scholarships.
  • The terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and other elements of the available study abroad scholarships.
  • The available scholarships to find out which one suits your destination and course the best (comparison).

2. Target destination research

If you are planning to go to a foreign university for study purposes, you first need to conduct a detailed study about your destination. You should look into the economic, geographic, and cultural factors of that nation. Having enough knowledge about your target destination will help you understand your needs in that country. In addition to that, research the various universities and the best courses each country provides. Likewise, analyze the fee structure of different courses and the average living expenses of that country.

The main reason for conducting target destination research to get study abroad scholarships is to identify different scholarships for which you can apply. For instance, some study abroad scholarships are country-specific, whereas others are course-specific.

Moreover, collecting adequate information will help you find the most suitable study abroad scholarships that you can apply for.

3. Study the details of the study abroad scholarships.

When an organization funds you for your overseas education purposes, sometimes they may ask you to follow certain criteria put forward by them. But that’s not common for all study abroad scholarships. For example, there is one study abroad scholarship funded by the government named the Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship. It is a merit-based scholarship that covers almost all expenses of a student’s master’s overseas education in the US. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship ask for your commitment to return to India and your contribution to society.

Likewise, some organizations that fund such study abroad scholarships might be asking for certain commitments. You should always go through their criteria and conditions before committing to them.

4. Check your eligibility criteria

Undoubtedly, for all study abroad scholarships, there will be certain eligibility criteria. And that determines who can apply for them. Some of the common eligibility criteria put forward by many organizations for getting study abroad scholarships are:

  • Educational qualification of the applicant
  • Financial background of the applicant
  • Destination university
  • Course selected
  • Place of residence
  • Social community in which the applicant belongs
  • Age of the applicant and so on.

However, for different study abroad scholarships, the criteria may change. Thus, you should have a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria for the scholarships you are applying for. You should focus on those that are closer to your qualifications, thus fulfilling the required eligibility criteria.

5. Communicate with the officials

You may find practically all the information you need about any issue by conducting an internet search. Similarly, you may find essential information about any study abroad scholarships available on several websites. But all of those facts might not be accurate or reliable. To get a study abroad scholarship, try to communicate with the authorities who provide such funds. Therefore, connecting with the authority or organizations that offer study abroad scholarships is the best approach for gathering relevant information.

Generally, official organizations are the most trustworthy sources of information. You can browse the internet to gather a general understanding of the scholarships. Yet, before taking your next step, gather more truthful data from the official organization. In addition to that, attempt to get all of your questions answered by them regarding the study abroad scholarships.

6. Apply for multiple scholarships

You should never focus only on a single scholarship. To get a study abroad scholarship, try to find out all the available scholarships that serve a similar purpose to yours. However, there will be different scholarships available to support students with similar purposes. Study about all such scholarships. Along with that, look into the requirements of those. If you find the criteria given for those scholarships match your eligibility, apply for them. Certainly, apply for multiple scholarships that suit your requirements.

Requirements for attaining a study abroad scholarship

There are certain steps or obligations that everyone who wishes for attaining certain study abroad scholarships should follow. You should include the following items with your application form:

  • Letter of motivation/personal essay

The personal essay that you submit with your application should possess the power to attract the authority to allow funding for your higher education. This can be a statement of purpose. Moreover, it should speak about your passion and ability to study at an international university.

  • Resume/ CV

A well-prepared and updated resume with your remarkable achievements is a necessary factor in getting study abroad scholarships.

  • Letter of recommendation

The majority of the study abroad scholarships ask for some references. These can be acquired from someone you have worked with for academic or professional purposes.

  • Proof of English/language proficiency
  • Letter of acceptance from an academic institution abroad
  • Proof of low-income/ official financial statements
  • Academic certificates
  • Proof of extraordinary achievement in academics or athletics

Finally, don’t forget to go through the requirements for getting the study abroad scholarships. Besides, be sure to include any other certificates and documents that are asked to be submitted with your application for study abroad scholarships.


In brief, being able to study at an abroad university might be the dream of a lot of people. However, some of them might not be able to fulfill this dream because of their financial troubles. As you have read in this blog, there are multiple sources of study abroad scholarships available to support your study abroad dream. All you have to do to get a study abroad scholarship is to find the most suitable scholarship that supports your study abroad. Later, apply for all the study abroad scholarships that you find may be helpful for you.

If you are not sure about how and where to find the right study abroad scholarships and how to apply for them, seek advice from an expert. You can make use of the help of study abroad consultancies like Guidance Plus to assist with your scholarship needs. We here provide the best service and assistance for all your requirements regarding your studies abroad. You can book an appointment or contact us to speak with our expert student counselors.

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