Counselling is a specific process of assistance extended by an expert in an individual situation to a needy person. Guidance plus educational Services offered to the individual who is undergoing a problem and needs professional help to overcome it. Student may have disturbed with his low marks or personal issues we can help them to overcome it and helps to come back in the track. Our Guidance plus educational services having most talented counsellors. Students can say any problem to them they can give remedies for the problems. Each student will get accurate guide from the counsellors. Intelletual development clarification of goals, proper motivation and ideas to students in conformity with their basic social tendencies and potentialities are important to total development of the students. Most of the students lack sense of direction, a sense of fulfilment and include in destructive activities which lead to social damage and loss. Proper guidance and counselling facilities is only remedy to help and guide the youth to worthwhile channels and help them to realize the goals of optimum social development and academic personal. Student life is getting complex day by day. Guidance and counselling is very needful to help students for adequate adjustment and optimum achievement in varied life situation. Students analysed in the school shows vocation, counselling services, moral, social in the education, personal and other areas. Guidance is a function of secondary education. So we Guidance plus Educational services can guide the students for their bright future. ONE WORLD MANY CHOICES BRIGHT FUTURE’.