Our Guidance plus educational services providing domestics admissions in top rated colleges in India. We can lead the students for their bright future. Through Guidance plus educational services students can make the admissions very easily. We are not handling any charges for domestic admissions (free counselling) it is full of free cost. You will get one of the best services in Kerala. We guidance plus educational services tied up with 50 + colleges in India. We are guiding students to their beautiful future. We guidance plus giving some scholarship programs to students based on their marks. We are giving admissions to various courses which student is needed. You can pay the college fees in our office also.
The most important step in the whole process of studying abroad is the application process. Unless applications are filed properly, completely and correctly, and sent on time i.e. ., before the dead lines admission is either deferred or denied. This is loss of money, time and work and also effects future admission process. We suggest the students properly about how to make their funds to study how much loan a student needs to study in abroad. Students Parents can’t hide their Assets. Sponsor’s funds will also be evaluated (in case you are sponsored). At least few months back carrying fund should open before final submission of an application, it will be reviewed by our experts and then forwarded to the universities chosen by you. We also schedule mock interviews for preparing you for the interview with High Commission and Universities. We also give you the preparation regarding the common questions asked by Visa Officer. We also give the full details of the country which the student is taken for study. For more information please contact GUIDANCE PLUS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES