Pharmacy is the technical science of preparing drugs for medical field or pharmaceutical, such as health science and chemical science. An education level pharmacy course provides medical substance and its application for the use of therapeutic. Pharmaceutics is a big part of the healthcare industry; it involves all the aspects of drug and medical use. Pharmacists practice in a various area is including community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, care facilities, regulatory agencies and medical specialty. Some foreign countries investigate of chemical ingredients and herbal, the pharma works may regard as the precursor of Morden science of pharmacology and the chemistry. Pharmacognosy is the study of medicinal drugs assumes from human waste, plants, and another natural source, it is also the study of chemical, biological, physical, and biological properties of drugs. The scope of pharmacy includes dispensing medications compounding and also it includes the services of health care, clinical services, hospitals, therefore it is used for the benefit of the patients.

Pharmacy schools focus on physics, biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology. Pharmacy provides the how the molecules of the drug are for formulated in the medical field; within the field of pharmacy student have a wider opportunity in pharmaceutical industries or pharmacist often work within government agencies. The field of pharmacy generally divided into 3 one is pharmaceutics, medical chemistry and Pharmacognosy, pharmacy practice and the work of a pharmacist is primarily filling the doctor’s prescription for patients.

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D.Pharm is a medical field, which is related to chemical science with health science. Diploma in pharmacy is diploma certificate course after passing 10th or 12th. Candidate minimum aggregate marks between 45-60% with the science stream subject (physics, chemistry and maths or biology) at the time of admission candidate must be 17 years of age. After completed D.Pharm candidate will be registered as Pharmacist. The paper of D.Pharm covers such as;
• Pharmaceutics
• Pharmaceutical chemistry
• Pharmacognosy
• Health physiology and anatomy
• Biochemistry and clinical pathology
• Drugstore and business management
• Hospital and clinical pharmacy
A student can surely consider a career in D.Pharm that is chemist, pharmacist, and quality analyst, medical representative, clinic, health care center, private food, private hospitals, drug stores etc. Further studies of D.Pharm which candidate should take direct admission to (D.Pharm) Bachelor of pharmacy, undergraduate degree, pharma .D, M. Pharm. Pg diploma.

Bachelor of pharmacy is an undergraduate course in the field of pharmacy. D.Pharm syllabus covers health care and biochemistry science, like physics chemistry, mathematics, and biology. You can choose the bachelor of pharmacy after passing 12th or Diploma in Pharmacy(D.Pharm) and who is interested in medical felid like human anatomy, physiology, pharmaceutical maths bioplastics, pharmaceutical biochemistry. Bachelor of pharmacy is a job oriented course in the science student after 12th, The subject offer like human anatomy and physiology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical maths, and biologists.One of the important duties of pharmacist is prescribing medications to patients; in bachelor of pharmacy course study about
• Biology
• Chemistry (such as physical and organic, inorganic)
• Biochemistry
• medicines
• Pharmacology
• Dispensing
• Physiology
• Dispensing
The bachelor course trains the student and makes them ready to take on a varied role in the pharmaceutical industry. In India pharmacist role is limited, but in the case of abroad there are wider opportunities and the scenario is quite different.
There are various higher education options available after D.Pharm, which is an (M.pharm) master in pharmacy, pharma .D AND Ph.D. certificate offers lots of career opportunity like pharmaceutical firms, pharmacist, medical representative, scientist, food& drug administration, medical shop chains, hospital and clinics, analytical chemist, research officer, health inspector so on.


Masters of pharmacy or (M.pharm) is a master degree course in pharmacy or medical field, which is a two-year program.Eligibility for the M.pharm candidate should complete ( Bachelor of pharmacy with not less than 50%, and M.pharm degree would be very useful if you want to make a career in research as you would get a broader picture about research activities. Based on this course candidates with a master’s in pharmacy is required in India and overseas. For Masters in pharmacy there are so many academic works theorize and practical, presentation, dissertation, journal, research works, reach work. M.pharm specialization or subject offer like;
• Pharmaceutical analysis
• Nutrition pharmacy
• Pharmaceutical chemistry
• Pharmaceutical technology
• Pharmaceutical biotechnology
• Pharmacology
• Medical chemistry and pharmacology
• Oncology pharmaceutical analysis
• Pharmaceutics
• Psychiatry pharmacy
• Pharmacology
• Regulatory affairs
• Industrial pharmacy
In M.pharm there are so many employment areas is; chemist shop, food and drug administration sale, research agencies, hospitals, marketing department, pharmaceutical firm, hospitals, health care centre, drug therapist, drug inspector, medical transcriptionist, educational institutions, data manager, drug inspector, Cipla, bicorn, clinic so on.After completing masters in pharmacy candidate become pharmacist and student can go for the higher studies Ph.D. pharmacology.
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