Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is a notable field of engineering which deals with the extraction of crude oil and gases or production of hydrocarbons from resources. It includes designing equipments, planning to drill out oil and gases from sources, testing the product extracted out, maintaining the entire process and so on. It is a 4 years long undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree program.

Generally petroleum engineers has to work in office, research laboratories and extraction sites. Job opportunity for petroleum engineers is incredibly increasing as resources are getting scarce and new methods and mental potential are needed for further future procedure. Job opportunity is very high and foreign countries offer a good salary of about 104,000 dollars minimum an year. The course deals with details like extraction and transportation of crude oil, procedures involved in exploration to begin with. And it covers details related to primary product petroleum and refining of this crude oil, petroleum myriads of other such as plastic granules, tar, gas etc are also produced. Petroleum engineering also cover with these products, their processing extraction usage etc. number of sophisticated devices is also used in this process. The course gives the details of equipments and machineries used in refineries. Latest machineries are used in this field. The troubles related to transportation of petroleum and byproducts are also covered in the course. Even the installation and construction of refinery also included in the study of activity.

Interested students can apply for the petroleum engineering bachelor degree through the entrance test .Process of admission may vary from colleges /institutions. Students needs to write JEE Main Exam that is the national level entrance examination organized for admission to the B.Tech program.

Students who are interested to masters in the section of petroleum engineering are needs to write entrance test. This entrance exams are conducted at state and university level. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the main entrance examination that makes entry into first year of master of technology/master of engineering courses. In India some of the institutes consider Gate scores for granting admission.

Petroleum engineering degree holders can open many career paths. Globally petroleum engineers are demanded & a lot of job opportunities are available for the professionals in this field.

Gas companies and petroleum companies are offering jobs for petroleum engineers. Professionals in this field also have job opportunities in foreign countries like United States.

In 1914 the profession got start in American institute of mining/matellurgical and petroleum engineers. By 1915 the first petroleum engineering degree conferred. Some may think what will be the scope or back up of petroleum engineering. We can surely say that petroleum engineering has 100+ years of back up. Technologies like horizontal drilling and oil enhanced recovery have drastically improved over the years.SPE-The society of petroleum engineers is not a profit organization .Their aim is to collect disseminate and change technical knowledge concerning exploration of gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit ,development and production. They also make opportunities for professionals to set their technical and professional and competence.

SPE is the largest professional society for petroleum engineers and they give the information about the petroleum industry. Petroleum engineers are the on the highest paid disciplines in the engineering sector. Job titles for petroleum engineers are drilling engineer, production engineer, chief petroleum engineer, offshore drilling engineer, reservoir engineer. In 2014 forbes magazine reveal that petroleum engineering is the 24th highly paid job in united states.Petroleum engineering degree is available at 17 universities in united states and many more around the world. Conditions are like deep water,arctic and deserts are usually contended. High temperature and pressure environments have become growing up in common place. Operations require the petroleum engineer to be good at topics such as geomechanics thermo hydraulics and intelligent system.

Petroleum engineers develop equipments use for extracting oil and gas from the earth in the efficient way. Petroleum engineers makes the techniques for enhancing oil recovery, they have to ensure that oil field equipment are working properly this is their responsibility; petroleum engineers design technologies and new ways to recover the hydrocarbons.

Diploma engineering covers technology in all sectors of petroleum industry. Production reservoir drilling, production technical communications, petroleum engineering science petroleum chemistry and geology.They can go for higher studies.

Job opportunities are very high in abroad for petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers typically work full time. More than 45 hours in a week.

Petroleum engineering Career in India
As a career petroleum engineering in India details the study of all of the slabs of gas and oil field evaluation, production and development. The job of petroleum engineer is to increase hydro carbon recovery and minimize environmental degradation.

In India, Petroleum engineering degrees are not very popular because less universities are offering admissions to petroleum engineering and less awareness to parents. So the demand of the course is very high. Basic engineering will cover in 1st year and 2nd year techniques of engineering will cover reservoir studies, environmental impact of petroleum fluid operation, and characterization of crude oil, gas hydrates & development of computer software are very specialized course in petroleum engineering. In petroleum engineering students will learn activities like subsurface related to the hydrocarbon production which will be natural gas or crude oils. The main two prospects of learning will be oil exploration and processing of crude oils. Distribution of oil refining is also thought in petroleum engineering.

Wonderful job opportunities are there for petroleum engineering degree holders in global domestic. Chances in gas and oil sector are ample in Middle East with high salary packages. America and Europe also gives higher education opportunities.

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