Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is an engineering field that deals with the extraction of minerals from the earth by the application of science and technology. Mining engineering discovers of mineral resource and wealth, planning and construction of mines, processing of minerals, Maintaining mining operations and transportation of minerals. It is a 3 years course. Minimum Qualification required for this course admission is 50% marks in10 & +2 PCM examinations from a reputed board of education. Mining engineers have a wide scope in Arab countries as they stand forefront in mining and mineral wealth. Top companies do recruit students of mining engineering. In India, the average salary comes in between 6-8 lakhs. But in Foreign countries like US, it is about an average of 90070 dollars per annum.
Mining engineering courses are related to multi-disciplinary touches with geology, physics, chemistry, environmental studies, mathematics and economics. We will get the knowledge through Mining engineering about the exploration and production of mining processes, including environmental consideration related management. Mining engineering covers the main areas of the subject such as geomechanics ventilation mine planning and mineral processing. You will focus more on the management and cost estimation side of the subject, as well as surface geotechnical engineering excavation design. Engineering deals with different types of minerals adding metal ores, diamonds, coal and oil, after pursuing mining engineering course, degree holders may either start working or go for further studies PG courses. Bachelor’s Degree holders can go for M.Sc, PG. Diploma or ME/M.Tech in Mining Engineering after PG one may go for PhDDiploma in mining engineering covers the science & technology used in the processing of minerals from a natural environment. The course is very good for students who have the ability to think and analytically capable or detail. They will have some skills such as teamwork long travel and stable mind situation. Diploma mining engineering job types:Technical Lead
Scientific assistant
Mining engineering
Assistant manager
Quality Technician
Masters in mining engineering

There are lots of job opportunities for students who have completed this course. Government as well as in the private sector firms are giving high profile employment. Many Companies are taking students of mining engineering, The Indian Bureau of Mines, Lignite Corporation and the Coal India Ltd in addition to the IPCL and the Geological Survey of India. In these above firms, they can search jobs as, ventilation planner/mine planner, production manager and operations engineer Petroleum Engineer. It is also able for aspirants to work as Mine Managers as well as Mining Investment Analyst.

Another option for the students is to work along with geologists. They can discover new ore deposits and assess together. Institutes of Research also take in Mining professionals as to research new and efficient methods in mining. Those who interested in teaching can find Lecturers jobs in Colleges that offer this as a subject. The remuneration of the students will be based on their skill and experience. The starting salary will be approximately Rs. 21000-Rs. 26000 a month.

Degree holders are taking mining jobs after, not only because the salaries are competitive but also because it can open doors to see the world and to work in first world countries such as Australia Canada and the states. The industry is very exciting and challenging industry to work because the salaries are very high in some regions. The industry has been sought after one for even unskilled workers also. Graduate holders should consider what all opportunities are there in mining companies operating in their local area before looking. As many mining companies are needed local support communities for this reason employment opportunities are available in other regions.

Almost all mining engineering courses are structured with a mixture of optional modules and compulsory, allowing you to do the degree in your own way. Practical learning in the mining engineering industry is same in many courses. And it is a way to show your theoretical skills into practice, it is also helping you to make professional contacts.

Mining engineers deal with a variety minerals, diamonds, coal and oil, including metal ores, and also they work with clays, granites and limestone-like industrial minerals. This mining engineering degree is the detailed study of nature of the rocks and the importance of finding new ways of sourcing recycled raw materials in terms of environmentally and cost-effective friendly ways.

You also get good works in the laboratory and also you can work in a well-equipped laboratory. You can study mining related topics like processing of mineral, mechanism of rock-related things.

Mining engineering deals with another field such as civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and metallurgical engineering. Many common concepts and elements are shared in these branches.

After completing Masters in Mining engineering some may take a teaching job at relevant technician education or engineering institutes. After pursuing advanced courses like PhD, some may take a career in R&D sector associated with the area of mining engineering.

Exploration travel and a lot of outdoor site work involved in the Mining engineer’s job. Based upon the locations extreme climatic conditions, environmental pollution & dangerous work conditions, a mining engineer will have to be brave in such situations.

Depending on the style of work, mining engineers will set their temporary office on the surface or under the surface of the earth. This profession is entirely different from other office jobs.Some mining engineers deal with in mineral processing units. They work under relatively relaxed and comfortable working conditions. Engineers with

research usually work at research units or labs.

Mining engineers will get between 10-35k rupees per month.Starting salary on the basis of the profile of the employer. Private sector job or {entrepreneurship, government jobs}educational qualification location of the job of the employee.

Some mining engineers are in contract work. They will careeristic mining professionals to companies and mining firms for suitable compensation.

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