Choosing an MBA is a wise decision but selecting a country is very confusing thought and come out with a decision is a fundamental way to our destination. Why did you want to study MBA in the USA? USA and UK are highly competitive education and a broad spectrum of specializing areas. From the earlier times onwards USA and UK are more familiar and opportunistic for management students. From that on what perspective I need to choose the USA, American education is a very quality and qualified MBA program in the worldwide. Even in the top 100 Management Universities and B Schools, The majority of American Universities are representing from the leading MBA schools in the all over the world.

Most of the MBA programs duration in the United States is 2 Years. In the 2 Year duration, the student is getting theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Many of the subjects were oriented with presentations, Projects, Research, and Assignments… The student will gain significant exposure; Universities have Case studies in their Post Graduation studies. How will case study help the student life? The student will get an opportunity to know about the company like P & G, Johnson, and Johnson, American Bank, Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Rolly Royce, Microsoft, Amazon, FaceBook, SubWay.

Top American Universities required the 16 Years of education for International students to qualify their P G program. How is a student qualifying 16 Years? In 10th + 2 Year in 12th (Plus Two) + 4 Years in B Tech = The sum is 16 Years of education. How the 15 Years other than B Tech holders qualify American MBA programs. If your Indian College is NAAC Accredited, then your 15 Years of training is qualified for Masters Program. Majority of the United States considering the student work experience also. Other Entry criteria’s are; GMAT score is considerable, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE anyone will be mandatory for International student English test proof.

After your course, How it will be a benefit for you?
In the USA, Many areas of specialization available, Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, IT, Global Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, SME, Banking and Finance… After the course, the student will get one year Post study work VISA. In that duration, the student can find out a job in the USA, and there is a chance to settle in the United States. The biggest and the fantastic part of American MBA is most of the American companies managers are Indians. To more details about the program, Talk with our student counselor.