Hotel Management

Study Hotel Management in Singapore will be a life-changing decision in your career.  Its all about the professional management technique of hospitality industry, hotel administration and catering services. HOTEL MANAGEMENT includes the services of the hotel like the time guest arrives, the check-in and check-out.  First of all responsibility that during the guest stay in hotel forms, that’s all part of hotel management and it includes.


The receptionist or a front desk is an employee taking an office or administrative. Like Furthermore welcome when the guest arrives, receive or greet the visitors, patient or clients.
 How GUEST SERVICES OR HR MANAGEMENTGuest managing is the services that involve that assign rooms to guests, under the direct supervision of designated supervision of the designated supervisor. The student, therefore, receive the guest feedback and communicate, problem resolve if possible.
 HOUSEKEEPING: The responsibility of housekeeping is household and maintained guest room area, service area
 FOOD AND BEVERAGE (F&B): It’s a management maintains food and beverage operation within budget and to the high standard; and also the service and reputation of the hotel, completion of customer follow up.
 HEALTH AND SPA: It’s a servicing responsibility of the guest in the salon, gym, swimming pool, spa.

      Career opportunities Study Hotel Management in Singapore course

The student is getting a fair experience in this sector via Study Hotel Management Singapore.  Its about the noteworthy this sector includes managing customer relationships, finance and accounting, hotel marketing, technology for the hospitality industry.  It is known as taking care of guest not restricted to the hotel guest alone.  Its office, institutions, clubs, and the travel and tourism industry looks to professionals from hospitality. The student of hostility management hence opens wide employment options. Hospitality management area covers such as;

We at our overseas study consultancy in Kochi helps you throughout and provides you details of the top-ranking international institution (ABROAD) in Singapore and internship placement options in hotel and restaurant service management programs, student those who are eligibility (after complete 10th onwards) and interested in hospitality management. The hotel and hospitality management Course skill to meet ever-growing demanded course in the tourism industry. Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries; in Singapore, hospitality studies give theoretical and practical skills to managing the fast-growing industries.

 How to  Study Hotel Management Course in Singapore with scholarship

Different types of Programs Study Hotel Management Course in Singapore there are so many hotel management programs.  Course starts from certification programs to master degrees. The course in Singapore feature 2 mandatory one is institutional training and other one is 6-month internship programs in hotel industries, this internship provides an opportunity to study theoretical to real situations. In the academic field, there are so many courses like certification courses, diploma and advanced diploma, bachelor and Masters in business administration, Bs, Ms, MBA and PhD…..


It’s a certifications course of hotel management in food and beverage; the student can apply after passing 10th or 12th it’s a 9 month’s program (3-month study +6 months industrial attachment program). This course area is like management department, hospitality and customer service, food cost control, food service employee, dining room service, food safety and sanitation and beverage managements. The career opportunities offer in hotels and hospitality settings, and the reverent jobs are catering manager, restaurant manager.


It’s a diploma certifications course which is one year program ( 6 months study +6 month industrial attachment) eligibility criteria student can apply class 10th or after+2. This program offers student can learn foreign language including food services and productions, hygiene and ethics, academic discipline, punctuality, all through the programs. After diploma student can go for bachelor.  More details about study in Singapore student can visit


It’s also an advanced diploma certifications course which is one year program (6 months study +6 month industrial attachment).  Furthermore, the student is Eligible criteria student can apply after completing a diploma or any bachelor degree. This program participates the area of the supervisor or a management range finance control.So the student can get the ability to excel in marketing, business, HR human resources. This qualification gives a new pathway to work in the tourism hospitality industrial sector. There are so many career opportunities seems like clubs, cookery, food and beverage, room’s division managers, keeper, executive chef, accommodation services, gaming and so on. As a result of advanced diploma, most of the students will go on top up bachelors.  Most of bachelor degree awarded by U K Universities as a result of this U K qualification student is getting worldwide job openings.


Bachelor in hospitality management is the 3 to 4 years degree course; the eligibility criteria for admission student must be complete +2 studies or any 2-year hospitality management. In international universities, they provide coursework such as event management, hospitality accounting, business law, hospitality events. Most Important another advantage is that student can work in Hotels, Casino, Luxury Apartments, Cruise..etc.  The student finally learns new things during his study time it seems like a big exposure for the student.  If a student is consequently getting internships and apprenticeships in a star hotels noteworthy thing he is getting progress in his career.
After complete, the graduate as a result of that student can able to work the fields of tourism services sectors. The Aspirant, therefore, completes his/her Bachelors in this program most noteworthy thing is that he/she can start their career.  As a result of this Bachelors, student can start earnings.

Master Course Study Hotel Management course in Singapore and its opportunities

It’s a postgraduate program in hospitality industries which is a 2-year course. The student can Study Hotel Management course in Singapore for masters he can apply after complete their bachelor programs. This course provides how to manage people. business in hospitality management, Program details The international hotel development and finance specialization offering like; International hospitality, advanced hospitality operations, leadership and intercultural management, financial analysis and accounting, some universities give luxury brand management in hospitality. Include the food processing, food and beverage, business communication, French language, the principle of management, the study of hospitality, marketing industry, hotel nutrition and food service. Hospitality management is a field hence a attractive industry likewise any other human resource management, finance, public relation information system, front office. Aspirant is getting above all mentioned career opportunities and job opportunities.

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