Event Management

What is event management?

Event management is a way of Introducing new product and services to the market. It is a way of Planning, Marketing, producing an event according to demand of the customer. Customer satisfaction is the only aim of a skilled event manager. Nowadays the people are celebrating each and every moment of their life like birth, marriage, anniversaries etc. All of them want to do the best .so the career of an event manager is high. Get all your study abroad queries resolved through our overseas study consultancy in Kochi. We give you the details of top rated university and college in Singapore.

Bachelor courses for Event Management

• Bachelors of Arts (Honour) Festival and Event Management
This program is basically to develop the student idea and equip their view to the business and also in Event Management sectors. The student can understand the concept of Event Management and Event Programs. It is an undergraduate program. The time duration for this course is 12 months.
• Bachelors of Business (Sports and Event management)
In Sports and Event management we can study practical and theoretical classes to improve your career in these two sectors. It’s a very much developing and growing sector in the world. We can get a skilled career by pursuing both in two ways. Student wants to finish their 12-year schooling are eligible for this course. It’s a 2-year program.
•Bachelors of arts with honours in International Hospitality and Event Management

Bachelors of Arts with honours in International Hospitality and Event Management program help the student to manage event concept and understand the knowledge of the sector. In this sector, students will get a good opportunity in hospitality management and also they can think about the critical things in the corporate sector. The student having 19 years can apply for this course. It is a 3-year undergraduate program.

• BA in Event and Program
In this course, students are getting good knowledge about the both sectors. Students are getting an opportunity to study this program and develop their career through better these programs. The 16-months program is offering all the students to get amazing opportunities in tourism and Event management sectors. Those who complete their 12-year schooling can apply for the course.
• BA in Event, Travel management and Human Resource Management

This program helps the students to understand the sectors surrounding and environmental outlook. It also covers the employment policies, group discussion, and benefit etc. The modules are well designed with institutional policies and rules, firm or company development and HR management, Economic development, advanced human resource outlook. Course duration is 20 months.

• BA in Event, Travel management and Web Communication

In this program, you can get knowledge of Event and tourism sectors. The Modules are well-Designed arts-related courses, specializations in tourism, Different type of policy, Management programs, and coordination of events, New Media Technologies, online policies and design, a different type of web programs, communication through seminars, Video designing and programming. It’s a 20 months program .12 year schooling id the eligibility for the student
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sustainable Events Management

This program is mainly focused on an industrial requirement like technically competent, customer satisfaction etc. It also includes event like, Hospitality management skill. There is more opportunity to this sector like event management sector, Event management, advertising management etc. It is a 2-year program.

Diploma courses for Event Management.

• Diploma in Events Management

The program’s main aim is to develop the student’s skills and executive ideas in their event space. It’s a program to develop and mold the students in the competitive market. Diploma in Event Management subject is an introduction to management, tourism techniques, marketing policies, terms and condition, event sponsorship and promotions.12 year schooling must be completed students can apply for the course.

• Diploma in Integrated Event Management and Project Management (DEPM)
In this diploma program, they are giving good product knowledge and training to the student to become a professional in the management sector. The Students will get a companied training with event management skills, Business Management skills etc. These all together we can do Event marketing and promotion, project management, public relation etc. By completing this course you will get a good opening in MNCs, government ministries and statutory board.
The students can get the position of an Event manager, event marketing and sales manager, sales executive, Event advisor etc.

• Diploma in Business Management specializing in Event Management
In this program, a student will get a good knowledge to present a topic successfully and close the event as soon as possible. In a management event, it includes a concept of project management and after the event service; it gives fundamental knowledge to the students for their better event.3 year diploma program is offering.
Students have more opportunities in their life:

Account executive
Project executive
Event planner
Event marketing and sales executives

• Job opportunities for event management programs

Event recruiting officer
The person who guides and supports the event/ program and also recruiting the events .

Event management executive
The person who plans the yearly meeting and controls a complete event .

• Event supporter.
Support and give guidelines to the person who is responsible for the event. If there is some mistake is there he will find and tell whatever is wrong.

Event Assistant
Planning, controlling and coordinating the event. Also, phone enquires want to Respond.
Event Administrator