Engineering course in the USA will be a big decision in your whole life because the United States is heavily technical and knowledge oriented education. Most of the Best Institutes in the world like Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, University of California Berkley, University of Pennsylvania are the best examples of the American Standard Education. Many of the engineering field streams like Computer Science, IT, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, Petroleum… The USA is the pioneer for those streams. After the Bachelors in Engineering from America the student is getting real-time theory and practical knowledge. The student has a multi opportunity to work in the USA and outside, During the study time student has the opportunity to work part-time.

American Engineering degree is mainly looking to develop practical knowledge. In the meanwhile, study time student gets many internships and projects as part of their study. Is it easy to get admission in the American Universities? No, it is not easy to get the admission in the USA Institutions. Majority of the Institutes required the student GRE/SAT or ACT score. The student needs to qualify the GRE or SAT. In the same time, the International student needs to qualify IELTS, PTE, TOEFL. An international student needs to be eligible at least 58% in their 12th standard to qualify their bachelors in engineering degree.

During the Bachelors in Engineering, the student will get an opportunity to part of their study they can CPT and OPT. CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) Is the part of their research, CPT will get the best exposure to the student. Student as their part of the curriculum this training help the students very much to learn the practical options. OPT (Optional Practical Training) is for 1 Year training. If the student work under OPT the student is getting a chance to get F 1 Visa. After the F 1 Visa, the student gets an opportunity to stay back 3 Years. During that time Student can change F 1 Visa to H1 B Visa. Majority of the International aspirants to get an opportunity to study in the USA and a chance to settle in that Country. To know more details about the engineering programs in the USA, You can speak with our student counselor.