Bio Medical Science

If the student is interested to get a career in the medical field, Bio medical science is one of the best course which have a wide range of opportunities. Biomedical science is a branch of science which is designed for students to getting knowledge in the field of Biology, anatomy, genetics and to study the mechanism and functioning of human body. Bio medical science helps to study how cells, organs works in a human body. It is a subject that helps to getting idea to discover new diseases and finding new way for treatment using advanced technology and to cure the diseases. We at our overseas study consultancy in Kochi helps you throughout and provides you free counselling on your all study abroad queries. Get FREE counseling from our experts. Here gives some details about the course.

Bachelors in
Biomedical science

Bachelors in Biomedical science

Bachelors in Biomedical science is a under graduate programme which takes two or 3 academic year to complete. In the first year the student will study Chemistry, Physics, and Biology etc. And in the second year onwards the course focusing on Human genetics, immunology, neuroscience, molecular and cellular biology etc. Student must be 18 years old while applying. He/she should have a higher secondary with science background from a recognised government board. 3 year senior high school diploma holders can also apply for this bachelors programme. Science Diploma holders from an approved institution can apply directly to Third year. In some universities student have to score 6 in IELTS or should attend English proficiency test. You will get an internship of 6 months in a top rated company. Some top rated colleges are giving placements to their students to top companies. If the student is interested to learn more about biomedical, you can go for either higher diploma or masters.

Masters in Biomedical science

Masters in
Biomedical science

After the successful completion of degree with science background from a recognised university, a student can do the masters in biomedical with specialisations in cellular and molecular pathology or in medical biochemistry. Specialisation in cellular and pathology helps the student to develop the knowledge and skill, and to discover new stepping stone in the medical field. Universities are well moduled their subjects including Research methods in biomedical science, Molecular Biology, Medical Biochemistry, Immunology, Analytical and Diagnostic Techniques, Advanced topic in medical biochemistry etc. As you all know medical health field is the important and developing field and the opportunities in this field is vast. After the completion of masters, one can do doctorate in biomedical and become research scientist. They can invent new drugs, new treatment therapy mainly for cancer, HIV etc. Student must be 21 years and above age while applying. IELTS or TOFEL is not mandatory. Student can do their masters either on-campus or off-campus. It takes 12 months to complete the regular programme and 15 months for part time students.

Diploma in
Biomedical Science

A professional diploma gives a student a thorough understanding in the biomedical field. Student gets the basic knowledge of Human anatomy and the mechanical, physical, mental movement of a human body. A higher secondary education with good score from a recognised government board is the basic qualification for applying for the diploma in biomedical in Singapore. IELTS or TOFEL is not mandatory. It takes six to eight months to complete the course and students can complete the course as part time, while it takes eight ot ten months to complete. Institutions are offering 6 months of internship to their students in top companies. A Diploma holder can further move to bachelors in Biomedical Honours. The modules are well designed with cell biology, anatomy, physiology, Biochemistry, microbiology etc. It takes six to eight months to complete the programme.

Advanced Diploma in
Biomedical Science

Advanced diploma gives student a broad based knowledge and understanding of the course leading to career opportunities in wide range of way. It takes eight to ten months to complete the full time programme and twelve to fifteen months for part time students. Advanced Diploma modules are designed with microbiology, physiology, Biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, clinical laboratory development etc. Student who have completed their diploma in biomedical or higher secondary education with science subject can apply for this programme. IELTS and TOEFL are not mandatory. After completing the course student gets six months of internship opportunity in top companies. . The Institutions are focused to enhance the student’s capability and their employability. They give training opportunities of the highest quality to all the students.

Career Options

The career opportunity is vast and wide in Singapore and all over the world in biomedical field. Bio medical scientists or engineers work with doctors, Therapists etc in the field of health care to solve clinical based problems. After completing a bachelors or masters in Biomedical the student gets job in various field like hospital and diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, laboratory work in molecular and cellular biology etc. You can embark your career as teacher, research scientist, molecular geneticist, Forensic scientist, health care scientist in immunology, health care scientist in haematology, Microbiologist, cell biologist etc which have a wide range of opportunities all over the world.

Why Singapore

While applying for a programme in overseas, a student’s capability, contacts, and level of work increases. In recent years, Singapore has a higher level of development in biomedical science filed. The Singapore government has announced this field as one of the fastest growing Industry. Students from 140 countries are in Singapore to explore their career. Here Living standard is high, while the living cost is very low. World’s top pharmaceutical companies have started their headquarters in Singapore. Some of the global leading pharmaceutical companies like Bauer Schering Pharma, Abbott, GE Health care, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Lonza, MSD, Novariis, Pfizer, Sanofi-aventis etc have invested commercially for manufacturing of their product. Now Singapore is the leading biomedical research hub in Asia. For further query you can visit our office or contact our senior officer.