Banking and Finance

Do you love numbers? If yes, you have chosen the right course. Now you have to choose where to study. You all know that what is Banking and finance. It is all about the money management. Banking and Finance plays a key role in private and public sector. A Good banker helps his customer to find a way to his financial problems. By Studying Banking and Finance, a student develops his knowledge about financial market and financial system of an economy. Get all your study abroad queries resolved by the best overseas study consultancy in Kochi, the Guidance Plus Educational Services. Contact us and speak to a counselor today.


Bachelors in Banking and Finance.

Choosing a subject in bachelors decides your career. After choosing a subject, you have to choose where to do it. Your skill is more than what do you think. Choosing the best college will improve your skill and will help to increase your knowledge. Already you have a basic knowledge about the course; the faculties’ shapes, sharpens and improves your knowledge. To do Bachelors in Finance is a best option for your bright career. Student can do his bachelor’s in Accountancy and financial management, Bachelors in Business with finance management, Bachelor of Business studies in banking and wealth management, Bachelor of business studies in finance, Bachelor of Science in banking and finance, bachelor in financial management. It is a two to three year programme. Student who completes the higher secondary studies from a recognised government board can apply for this programme. Student can do his bachelor’s in Banking and finance or bachelors in Business and finance. IELTS or TOFEL is not mandatory. Singapore universities are well designed their subjects including Reporting of Finance, E-commerce, introduction of banking, International and corporate finance, Public Finance and global economics, banking etc. You can complete your Bachelors in world’s top 100 rated colleges in Singapore in a low budget of studies. Colleges are offering six to one year of internship to top rated companies.

Masters in banking and Finance

After completing the Bachelors in commerce with a good score from a recognised university, the student can do the Masters programme. It is a one year programme with 6 months internship in a company. When Bachelors gives the student an exact knowledge about Banking, accounts and finance, masters helps the student to think widely and sharpen knowledge about, accounts, banking and corporate Finance. The syllabus is all of same while Bachelor is micro and Masters is macro. IELTS and TOFEL are not mandatory. Students can do masters in corporate finance and banking, masters in Business Administration specialised in Finance, Masters in Applied Finance, Masters in Finance, Executive master in finance, masters in financial market and investment, Master in international securities, investment and banking, masters in commerce, masters in economics, Masters in professional accountancy, Masters in Finance and accounting, Master in International accounting and finance, Master in Self Designed Accounting, Master in Business Research- finance and accounting, master in Corporate Governance and Accountability, Master in Applied Accounting and finance, Master in financial management and accounting, Master in Financial analysis and Business Development, Master in corporate finance and managerial accounting etc.

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Diploma is course which gives student a basic knowledge about the course. It is 6 to 8 month programme. Student who successfully completes his higher secondary education with good marks from a recognised government board can apply for this programme. The Singapore education council is well designed the modules including introduction to management, accounting, quantitative analysis, economics, international market, principles of marketing, Behaviour of customer. The students do his diploma in Business administration which is specialised in banking and finance or diploma in banking in finance. Both course trained the student to handle and control the current operation and to plan about the future. IELTS and TOFEl are not mandatory. Colleges are offering 6-8 months of internship in top rated industries. After the completion of Diploma, a student can move either to Job or to Bachelors Degree.

Job Opportunities

Indeed, accountancy is one of the most accepted professions widely in the world. It is a stable career with huge opportunities. There is only one language for accountants that are the language of business. Accountants can’t go anywhere to choose jobs, jobs comes to them. Obviously, the designation ACCOUNTANT or FINANCIAL MANAGER holds a little weight than other designations in an industry. If you love the number you will have a great and big career path in your future. A good entrepreneur is a good accountant too. (A good accountant can do his own business successfully). Whole world needs accountants for their business purpose. It plays a vital role in all economic activities in private, public and non profit sectors. Every sector needs an accountant to keep their records including tax and revenue systematically, to keep business properties, to find the profit and loss percentage, to find the financial position of business etc.

Why you have to choose Singapore to study?

A student usually thinks why they do Accounting course in Singapore, while they can do it in home town. All the human beings are wishing to do “THE BEST”. All over Asia the best education system is given by Singapore government. Singapore is an International hub for accountants. The faculties were not only aims for the completion of modules and exams, but also to help for achieving the best career of their students. Most of the colleges are given a small internship to the student while pursuing the course. The study materials are designed in very simple way that a student can understand it easily. This is why so many countries are importing the books of Singapore universities. As Singapore is a beautiful small city with a wide range of opportunities in different areas. If you are looking to study in Singapore, walk in and find out more from the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi, the Guidance Plus Educational Services.