Accountancy and Finance

As you all know that our world business and the economy is increasing day by day. Accountants focusing on day to day expenditure of an industry whereas financial experts aim to the management of capital and planning of future growth of the company. Accountancy helps to study the financial information, policies, reports, auditing, credits, debits and tax and revenue of an organization. This field is completely focused on money management and the job opportunities are vast all over the world.


Bachelors in Accountancy and Bachelors in Finance

It is the only undergraduate degree which is recognised for upcoming practice as a professional accountant or financial manager. It is an extremely specialised course. It is a two-year programme. Students can complete their graduation as full time or part-time.The student can take bachelors in accountancy and finance as double major. After successful completion of this programme with a good score, the student gets honours in Accountancy and finance. The subject is well designed with advanced reporting in Finance, Management performance, auditing, taxation and strategic management. The module increases the knowledge and skill of students in accounting and financial management. There are a lot of options before you to select the college. All the universities are designed their modules in a simple way for their students to study easily.

Who should apply?

Students have to score 6 in IELTS or have to attend the English proficiency test and it is mandatory to only some universities. The student should have an advanced diploma or polytechnic diploma or equivalent from a recognised institution or university. Students who have completed their higher secondary education with one subject in Mathematics from a recognised university can also apply for this Programme. The student must be 18 and above years old.

Masters in Accountancy and Finance

It is a full time one year programme. A student who completes Bachelors in finance, accountancy and business management from a recognised university with a good score can apply for the masters. He/she must have 21 years and above age. Students can do Masters in professional accountancy, Master in finance, Masters in Finance and accounting, Master in International accounting and finance, Master in Self Designed Accounting, Master in Business Research- finance and accounting, master in Corporate Governance and Accountability, Master in Applied Accounting and finance, Master in financial management and accounting, Master in Financial analysis and Business Development, Master in corporate finance and managerial accounting etc. . Students can also master of business administration in finance. GMAT is compulsory for all the applicants. Those who have working experience will be an advantage. The subject is mainly modelled with Accounting Management, corporate skills, reporting of finance, taxation, Assurance etc. International students have to attend the telephonic interview. Getting a master in the relevant subject will move up you in a senior position in the industry. There are a lot of colleges offering the masters under top rated universities. IELTS and TOEFL are not mandatory for applying to this course.

Diploma in Accountancy and Finance

This module gives a basic knowledge of finance and accountancy and gives the training to face the new challenges. Diploma in accountancy is a course which includes the basic business statistics, business law, economics and cost accounting. Applicants should have 16 years at the time of application and have to pass 2GCE A level with a pass in general paper or 5GCE O level with a pass in English. Students who have a High school education or equivalent from a recognised Board under a government can apply for the diploma programme. Students have to score 5.0 in IELTS or have to attend the English proficiency test and in some institutions, these tests are not mandatory.

Advanced Diploma in Accountancy

Advanced diploma covers sufficient to study for professional practice in financial accounting, management information, auditing, taxation etc. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age and should have a diploma or polytechnic diploma from a recognised institution. Students who have an equivalent academic qualification from a recognised higher secondary board also can apply. Students have to score 5.5 in IELTS or have to attend the English proficiency test and in some universities, students can take admissions without these tests.

Job Opportunities.

The doors of opportunities are always open before an accountant or a finance manager. They can work as Chartered accountants, management accountant, Manager, Assistant Manager, Clerk, economist, tax adviser, retail banker, cost estimator, officer accountants, cashier, auditor, finance manager etc. And they can glance in the field of business management, Marketing and sales, International business and trade or other relevant sectors of public, private and no profitable sector. An employee can receive up to 41,000 dollars in Singapore. Accountants are inevitable in all the sectors worldwide.

Why Singapore

If you decided to migrate, Singapore is the best place for students to achieve a bright career. Singapore is hiring a lot of foreigners to their industries and also Singapore has a friendly and competitive environment. After completing your course you will be directly placed to one of the top companies in Singapore. Singapore aims the excellence of its students offering various choices in the education field. It has a good reputation worldwide. Singapore education system can develop a student’s strength and social skill. While taking the history of Singapore education, we can understand that they produce an excellent academic result by giving a vast career opportunity. Singapore government is still working in this education field to give a flexible mode of quality education to their students. As a foreigner, you can enjoy the same rights as same as the Singapore citizen. There is no discrimination. Out of the total population, 9.1% are Indians. If you are looking to study in Singapore, walk-in and find out more from the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi, the Guidance Plus Educational Services.