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Scholarships By The Indian Government For Students Aspiring To Study Abroad

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Many students are now choosing the option of studying abroad. As there are several benefits of studying abroad, it also comes with a decent amount of expenses. The tuition fee, air tickets, rent and more are going to cost every student a wholesome amount of money.

Studying abroad requires the students to prepare themselves mentally, physically and even economically. Scholarships are financial aids provided by organisations for pursuing certain courses in certain institutions and universities.

A student opting for studying abroad is one of the most rewarding decisions one can take. There are numerous benefits to choosing a course and a university abroad for your higher education. The most popular trend in the country now is students opting for a foreign university for their future.

Studying abroad lets students pursue their dream careers and explore their full potential. They will be able to learn things utilising an infrastructure that meets global standards. To know more about the benefits of studying abroad, talk to our experts. We are one of the finest study abroad consultants in Kerala with experience and expertise in helping students pursue their dream courses.

So, while you are following your dream, why not checkout these scholarships provided by the Indian government?

Scholarships can always come in handy. A proper knowledge of these can help students to check whether they are eligible for it and get the necessary help.

So, the Indian government provides various scholarship programs based on a different set of attributes. Let’s look at some of the categories which these scholarships are divided into.

Based on merit

One of the most common scholarships is the ones that are based on the merits of a student. This type of scholarship takes into consideration the student’s academic record or extra-curricular achievements.

Based on the destination

Some scholarships are based on the destination a student resides at. For example, there are certain scholarships which are open for students who reside in a particular region. Only they can apply for these.

Based on the branch of study

There are certain scholarships awarded to students who wish to pursue their specialisation in certain specific subjects. For example, if a student wishes to specialise in science, they can look up all the scholarships that are provided for it.

Based on the student background

These are the scholarships provided on the basis of the student’s background, i.e their gender, religion, caste, family income and more.

For athletes and artists

There are several scholarships and fellowships provided by the organisations for athletes and artists. If you fall under the two, do look for opportunities.

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The Indian government provides certain scholarships for students who wish to specialise in some branches of study, country and institutions. Some of them are as follows.

National overseas scholarship scheme

The national overseas scholarship scheme by the Indian government aims at uplifting the socially and economically backward students. The students are required to have a minimum of 80% in the qualifying examination and should fulfill all the other necessary documentation processes. 

Fullbright Kalam climate fellowship

The eligible scholars of this fellowship are the individuals who have registered for their PhD’s at an Indian institution. This is provided for promoting research on climate change issues.

The selected students will be able to conduct a part of their research in the US. The fellowship provides the scholars with a monthly stipend, J1 visa support, travel allowance, accident and sickness program etc.

Fullbright Nehru Master’s fellowship

This is awarded to all those individuals who wish to pursue their master’s in select courses, universities and institutes in the US.

The scholarship is provided to empower future leaders and philanthropic professionals who aim at improving the lives and welfare of their communities.

Some of the specialisations included in the scholarship are – arts and culture management, heritage conservation and museum studies, journalism and mass communication, economics, environmental studies, international legal studies etc..

Fullbright Nehru doctoral fellowship

This provides Indian scholars a fully paid research opportunity in certain US institutions for 6-9 months. The applicants are required to have relevant work experience to avail this.

These are some of the many scholarships a student can opt for. The scholarships provided by the Indian government are very limited. Hence, if a student truly aspires to study abroad, they can opt for any other form of financial service such as a loan. There are several institutions that provide loans for students.

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