Merits of Joining Student Clubs During Abroad Studies


Universities and colleges across the world offer their students an opportunity to form and be a part of different organizations. You can join any of the existing groups, clubs, or organizations according to your interest. Or rather, you can form a group of your interest and recruit other students as members of that group. Being an international student taking part in activities held in universities like clubs and organizations will help you in your student life there. In abroad universities and colleges, you will find a wide number of such associations. These may include, sports, arts, music, and many more categories of clubs. Joining such clubs and associations is an added benefit for every student in their future life. Through this blog, we are discussing some of the merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies. 

1. An Opportunity to acquire new friends

Student clubs are always a great opportunity for everyone to meet up with new people. These associations help you to interact with different people from diverse cultures and societies. This will help you to understand their culture and living styles. In this way, you can expand your friends’ network beyond the borders. Moreover, interacting with friends from different nationalities and cultures will develop your language skills. As English is the common language to communicate, you can become a master in the art of communicating in English. And also, as the other members include people from different nationalities there is a chance for you to learn their native languages too. Acquiring this cross-cultural network of friendship is one of the main merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies

2. Training in maintaining work-life balance

Being an international student, you need to balance your education together with your part-time job. In the future, you need to maintain a balance between your work and life. Student club activities are a platform where you can practice how to maintain this balance in your life. Being in a student club you will be assigned different duties and responsibilities. To fulfill these duties you need to plan your actions properly. You need to schedule your time accordingly. By doing all these you are getting a lifetime experience.  

However, the training you get in maintaining a work-life balance is one of the merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies.  

3. Boost your confidence

One of the merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies is that it helps to boost your confidence. In a foreign nation, you might find it difficult to adjust to the circumstances you face. You will be surrounded by people from different nations. There will be natives of the host country among them. You might find yourself different from them. For some of the students, this will affect their confidence level. Together with that, they might feel shy to talk with them. They may drag themselves behind from the frontline because of these. To overcome such situations joining a student club will help you. 

Being a member of a student club means you are getting an opportunity to interact with different people. As you choose a club of your interest, you can assure that the members of that club share similar interests.  Therefore, you can feel relaxed as you are in a group with something in common. Those groups help you in boosting your confidence and develop your personality. By interacting with your peers, you will increase your confidence level to communicate with others. 

4. Explores yourself

Taking part in student club activities is a platform to identify your true potential. When being exposed to different circumstances you will be able to find out a solution on your own. By this, you can understand what are your abilities and what you can do.  You are exploring yourself by being a part of some organization. In student clubs, your fellow members will assist you in your work. With support from them, you will grow into a better person with different capabilities. These clubs also help you to explore new hobbies and interests. They help you to be a little bit more adventurous in decision-making by accepting challenges.

Therefore, the opportunity to explore your true potential can be considered one of the merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies. 

5. Experience in teamwork

Student clubs are organizations with many people. Therefore, you need to interact with different students and work together with them. Such clubs and associations are great steps in developing a feeling of being in a group among the students. As for international students, when reaching a foreign nation, they may feel too lonely. Taking part in club activities and associations will help them to overcome this feeling and develop the emotion of being in a group. 

Teamwork is an essential requirement for everyone who is looking for a job. You should be able to work in a team together with different people. Your teammates might have diverse ideas and opinions. They might have different behavior from yours. Being able to go with all these differences to make a better change is your achievement. So, being in a student club you get the opportunity to experience the effort of teamwork.  You will be learning how to coordinate different people and actions. Thus, it can be considered one of the greatest merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies.

6. An effective break from your academics

For students who are bored with their classes, participating in student clubs is a highly effective leisure activity. Participating in the events organized by these clubs, coordinating new programs, and other such activities will refresh you. These groups provide you with the warmth of being in a community. Those club activities will be valued in your overall performance at the institution. Therefore, you can’t consider it a waste of time. It will have a huge impact or influence on your life after graduation. These club activities might include fun elements to refresh your mind and soul, service activities to help the needy, and so on.

However, try to enjoy every activity you do or participate in. Having fun is the main element of doing such actions. This will help you to maintain your mental and physical health properly.

7. Enrich your resume

When listing the merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies, the impact of its mention in one’s resume is high. You can include information about your club activities in your resume. Together with student clubs, you can also take part in other volunteer clubs in your locality. Your experiences with those clubs and activities will be an added benefit to your resume.

Experiences with those clubs and organizations will prove your ability to be a team worker, your communication skills, organization capacity, coordination skills, leadership, etc. These activity reports show your hardworking ability and skills to do multiple tasks. Thus, take part in some club activities and enrich your resume to amuse your employer.

8. A chance to explore your host nation

Taking part in club activities helps you study your host country in detail. The activities and programs organized by the clubs and associations might not always be carried out inside the campus premises. Some activities might be carried out in different places in the country. You can travel with your peers as a group activity to enrich the cohesion between the members.

Moreover, you can also learn about that nation by interacting with other students. You can speak with your club members about the country, and they will help you to explore it through them. This can be considered one of the added merits of joining student clubs during abroad studies.


Student clubs and associations help you connect with other fellow students around you. These organizations assist you in your personal development in a foreign atmosphere. By being a member of one or more such clubs, you are developing your relationships with the people around you. Student clubs and their activities help you in expanding your skills. Those organizations provide you with a sense of having someone around you to support you. You won’t feel lonely in a foreign country because you have friends from these clubs. One of the main things you should remember when participating in club activities is that you should be able to balance your time. You should be doing some part-time work to support yourself. So, learn about the clubs or organizations you wish to join. Look into their work and processes. Gather a proper idea about the particular club before committing to work with them.

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