Why Malaysia

Study at Malaysia an important question for an Indian student, Why the student need to study in Malaysia. There are certain reasons to choose Malaysia as your study destination.

  • The Education Cost : In Malaysian Government Spending their major Income for Health and Education. Why Education is growing so faster because there are lot of Public, Private and Foreign Universities have campuses in this country. Different streams of subjects available in Malaysian education and many levels of programs also. For Eg. Medicine, Life Science Programs, Engineering, Management, Accounting and Finance, Designing, Hospitality, Tourism..etc. How the cost of education vary from other country and Malaysia. The same standard of education in western countries the cost will be very high but in Malaysia the cost will be on average. The standard is very high. In between there are 1,50,000 to 2,00,000/- international students pursuing their degrees in Malaysia every year.
  • What Exposure you choose study at Malaysia as your destination : The Indian student is getting an opportunity to study with international students. There are 160 countries students are studying at Malaysia. The student definetly will get an opportunity to interact with Asian, North Americans, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, Australians..etc. This exposure will lead the student to work in the multiculture environment. English is the Medium of instruction in Malaysia. The main advantage is that it will help the Indian student to achieve the biggest point of communication skill. There are so many foreign Universities are working in Malaysia. Eg. Curtin University from Australia, Swine Burn Univeristy Australia, Monash University, Australia, Shanghai Jiatong University, China, New Castle University, UK, Reading University, UK, Nottingham University, UK..etc. These all are leading international Universities. The Majoriity of their faculty pool are from their own country. This will help the student to get maximum knowledge.
  • How is your life while you study at Malaysia ;
    Definetly it s truly asia. The Malaysia is the 2nd home for the Indians because the population in Malaysia the student can meet as many as Indians. During the British Colonisation time lot of Indians who lived in the Malaysia. Their Ancestors origin is from Malaysia. The peoples are very friendly. Food is the another important factor in your stay time, Certainly you will like the Malaysian food. The country is very friendly to each religion. During your study time the student can stay in either campus hostel or outside. The Cost will comes normally in between 150 USD to 300 USD. The food the student can take from the Canteen. During the holidays the student can plan lot of sight seeing and pleasure activities in the country because the country is a very well known for tourism.