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Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is one of the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, with more than a decade of experience in the field of overseas education consultancy. We help students who want to pursue higher education at any of the top-tier universities in a foreign country. Thousands of students began their study abroad journeys with us. With an international degree, they are now thriving in their dream careers. Next is your turn.


Why are we the most trusted study abroad consultants in Kerala?

A state with a high literacy rate in the country has a lot of students passing out each year; they know the value of education. The course we choose to study today will determine the career we achieve tomorrow. Any new courses introduced in the world will first start in developed countries such as the United States, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Australia, etc. When a student completes a course in one of these developed countries, they gain extensive exposure and a promising career. So each year, the number of students from “God’s Own Country” who go to foreign countries to take a course increases drastically. This trend will continue in the coming years, too. As a result, the demand for the most experienced and trustworthy study abroad consultants in Kerala is increasing.

Guidance Plus Private Ltd. assists students who want to study abroad and realize their dreams. For more than a decade, we served thousands of students from Kerala who wanted to pursue an international degree at various top-notch foreign universities. They state that we are one of the most reliable and best study abroad consultants in Kerala. This is our driving force—to serve more study abroad aspirants and make their dreams a reality.

Why choose us?

Highly professional team with more than a decade of experience in the overseas education consulting domain.

Quality of service is our first priority. We did not begin as the best study abroad consultants in Kerala. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. has an expert team of overseas education counsellors, application process experts, documentation experts, language experts, and visa consultants. We became the best study abroad consultants in Kerala because of the hard work and dedication of each team member to providing students with the highest quality service. Every study abroad aspirant who contacts us will be treated with the utmost care in accordance with their study abroad requirements. Our personnel will patiently listen to all of the students’ and parents’ concerns about foreign education before providing consultation. Our student counsellors are not only good consultants but also great listeners.

Are you ready to talk? Then we are happy to listen. Please share your study abroad concerns with our student counsellors today.

How We Can Help You

Our team of overseas education counselors, application process specialists, documentation specialists, and visa consultants is eager to transform your dream of studying abroad into a grand reality. If you are considering how to begin studying abroad at a top-tier foreign university, then this is the right place to share your thoughts. We will give you wings to fly anywhere in the world. Anyone interested in studying abroad will require the services of the best study abroad consultants. A good guide will always point you in the right direction. We actually do this to our candidates. We have a number of services available for this.

Our Extensive Services

1. Guidance and counseling

We have a team of overseas education counselors who are always available to speak with students interested in studying abroad. They will patiently hear the students and guide them according to their requirements. Counselors are eager not only to speak with students but also to hear the voices of their parents too. All the concerns of the students and their parents will be addressed with the utmost care. Student counselors provide students with information about foreign countries, universities, and courses available in those countries, as well as about application procedures and visa procedures.

2. University and course selection

Once the study abroad aspirant decides which foreign country they want to study in, the next step is to choose the most suitable course and the best university that offers it. Our team of experts in the student counseling section will assist the students in choosing the right course and the best university that offers the course in their chosen country. Sometimes the students are confused about where to start. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. counselors will provide proper guidance about the most appropriate courses based on the student’s eligibility, skillsets, and the scope of the courses, as well as which universities are best suited to offer them. While giving the guidance, we consider the students’ financial concerns as well and will suggest the universities and courses that are most reliable to them. We all know that this is a watershed moment in a student’s life; the course and university they choose today will change their lives forever. As a result, we treat each student with the utmost care and thorough analysis. Come and choose us; we will assist you in selecting the best foreign university that will enable you to pursue your dream career.

Admission Procedures

Each foreign country has its own admissions procedures, which also vary from university to university or institute to institute. As a result, we will provide guidance and counseling based on the student’s preferred country and university. We have experts for each country and for universities too. So we will provide assistance for the whole admissions procedure at the university. The foreign country and the university will both have certain admission requirements for international students, so the student who meets those requirements will only get admission to that university. Students who meet the eligibility requirements but do not follow the proper admission procedures of the relevant university will be denied admission. As the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will provide the necessary guidance to ensure that the correct admission procedures of foreign universities are followed. For more than a decade, we have helped students gain admission to top-tier foreign universities in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

3. University Application Process and Documentation

We have an extensive team for university application assistance and documentation. All information provided in the foreign university admission form must be accurate and error-free. Anyone with no prior experience in that field may make mistakes. The application should have some required documents to submit. Our Guidance Plus team will assist the study abroad aspirants in filling out the foreign university applications and preparing the required documents to submit with the application, such as the SOP, resume, LOR, etc. The documentation team always stays in touch with the students until they reach their dream destination.

4. Assistance for Language Efficiency Test Clearing

Most of the universities abroad use English as the medium of communication, so it is necessary to submit a valid language proficiency test score along with the application. Our language experts offer free coaching to students in order for them to pass tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SELT PET, GRE, and others.

5. Visa Counselling

A student who gets admission to a foreign university needs to submit an application for a student visa. An expert’s guidance should be needed for this visa application process. Our visa counseling team will passionately assist the student in getting a student visa. Many other documents also need to be submitted to get the student visa as per the foreign countries’ specifications, because each country has its own visa processing rules and regulations. The visa laws will change with time as well. So it’s important to know the visa laws of the specific country when a student applies for a visa. The best study abroad consultants in Kerala, such as Guidance Plus Private Ltd., keep students up to date on visa laws. Our visa processing team will assist the study abroad aspirants to submit the student visa application and regularly follow up on the visa processing status till the student receives the visa. We are not only giving student visa counseling and processing visas but also providing dependent visa services for students who want to go abroad with their life partner or any other dependents. The Guidance Plus team also offers assistance with visa interview preparation to the candidates going to the interview. So we are not giving some tips for the visa interview; our whole service is to help the student reach the destination where they want to study abroad. We will support them till they reach their dream country, where they want to complete their education.

6. Scholarship Assistance

The cost of education in any foreign country compared to India is somewhat expensive. As a result, the student will require funds to complete his or her studies. Many foreign countries and universities provide various types of scholarships to international students. These scholarships will assist students in meeting their financial obligations. So it is critical to be aware of the scholarships available in foreign countries or universities, as only the student can apply for the most appropriate scholarship. Our team will provide information regarding the scholarship details of the foreign country in which the student wants to study.

7. Assistance for bank loans

The aspirants must show they have the funds required to complete the course at the foreign university, which includes tuition fees for the course, travel expenses, and living expenses in the country. Many of the students do not have much money in their bank accounts. As a result, they require financial assistance, such as bank loans for education. Our highly dedicated team will provide the details and suitable financial advice according to the student’s financial status. Our timely financial advice helped many students achieve their dreams within their budgets.

8. Airport pick-up and accommodation assistance

We do more than just help people get into foreign universities. The Guidance Plus team also offers flight ticket booking and airport pickup in the student’s destination country. If the candidate is not getting accommodation in the university hostels, then we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation near the university or institute. We will always make sure you are safe and comfortable in a foreign country.

9. Flight ticket booking

We will provide students with a reasonable rate for booking flight tickets. Once the student gets confirmation of admission to a foreign university and a student visa, we will assist them in booking a suitable flight at an affordable price at the earliest convenience of the student.

Look into some study abroad programs.

New types of courses are introduced each year. New-generation systems that are being introduced in developed countries will not be available in our country for several years. So it is preferable to take the course in those countries, as this will give you an advantage in your career. Let’s look into some of the courses available in various foreign countries that will change your life.

Choose your dream study abroad destination.

We did not become Kerala’s best study abroad consultants overnight. There is more than a decade of service behind that, providing thousands of students with the opportunity to make their study abroad dreams a reality. We satisfied each student and their parents with our customer-centric services. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. sends thousands of students to the United States, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, etc. to build their dream careers. The only thing prospective students must do is choose a country in which to study. The rest will make do with our help.
Let’s choose your dream country:

The United Kingdom is the second most popular study destination for international students after the United States. There are 130 top-ranked universities in the world located in the UK.

France has always been special for its multicultural history and diversity. The land of fashion always offers top-level business courses that will transform the world of international students. The business schools are inviting you to start your new journey.

In Germany, there is free education available at public universities. More than that, there are also top-tier private universities with reasonable tuition fees that also accept international students.

Ireland is a beautiful country that offers high-quality education for international students. The cost of living in Ireland is lower compared to the UK. Nowadays the country represents a hot study destination center for international students.

Australia is competing with the UK for the world’s second-most preferred study destination center, trailing only the United States. It is very easy to get a PR visa in Australia, and the country offers a good atmosphere to international students.

We Are Unique

Our overseas education consultancy’s specialties set us apart from other education consultancies in the state. Our employees are passionate about what they do, which goes beyond hard work and dedication. Each department’s team members treat study abroad applicants and their parents with the utmost care and understand all of their concerns about foreign education. They patiently listen to the students and their parents to understand what they actually need. Then only will we start to consult as per the requirements? As the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, we have a certain quality of service, as follows:


Yes, we have nothing to hide from you. All our services are transparent, and the students can ask any questions regarding our services.

Free consulting

We do not charge any fees for our abroad study consultations, and we do not charge students any service fees.

Clear communication

There is no chance of misunderstanding our communications. Everything will be crystal clear, and we will continuously give updates with each process of the application.


In the case of study abroad education, the importance of information and error-free application is greater. Any small mistakes will lead to application rejection and visa denial. So we provide 100% accurate services to students. There will be no chance for the application to be rejected.

Fast Processing

Role time is crucial in a study abroad plan. There is always a deadline for every foreign university application. A student visa is also required for enrolment at the university. So everything will be completed on time. This is the reason why our team will always maintain high processing quality and keep on schedule.

Reliable services

A decade of experience in the overseas education consultancy service domain makes our whole service more reliable for study abroad aspirants and their parents too. Our previous students have stated that we have reliable services based on their experiences. That’s our driving force to move forward.

100% visa success rate

We have never been denied a UK student visa application. The quality and accuracy of our visa application process are the reasons for this. So the study abroad aspirants believe we are the right choice to make their overseas education dream a reality.

Quality customer service

All of our services are customer-centered. We always try to provide what our customers really need and desire. So we are constantly improving the quality of our services by understanding the wishes of every study abroad aspirant who approaches us.

What’s Next?

Book an appointment.

The first thing a study abroad aspirant should do is book an appointment with our overseas student counselors. This is to schedule a call to discuss your needs at a convenient time. You simply need to enter your name, contact information, the service you need, a convenient date, and a time to talk. Our student counselors will be in touch with you soon.

Talk with the student counselor.

As per the details you filled in the “book an appointment” form, a student counselor will contact you to discuss your requirements in detail. During this session, study abroad aspirants can express their concerns and obtain the information they require. The student counselors will patiently listen to the candidate and thoroughly understand what the candidate really needs. Then the counselor will start the counseling session and guide the student with the proper information. The study abroad aspirant can ask about the countries, universities, available courses, fees required to study, application deadlines, the student visa process, etc. Any questions regarding the study abroad process will be clearly answered by our student counselors.

How do we work?

As the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, we have a well-structured workflow process. We created this based on our decade of experience as an overseas education consultant. This will help us become the best study abroad consultants in Kochi and Kerala. To achieve the goals of overseas education consulting, proper planning and timely processes are required. Because application submission for foreign university admission, fee deposits, student visa processing, and joining the university are all step-by-step and time-bound processes, a student who has successfully enrolled in a foreign university on the joining date must adhere to the structured plan of procedures. This is why Guidance Plus Private Ltd. created a well-structured working process to transform the dream of a study abroad aspirant into a reality.
The following are our six-step processes:

1. Choose your dream study destination
You are choosing the foreign country where you want to study your dream course.

2. Student counseling session
You are detailing your requirements, and our student counselors are giving guidance based on those requirements.

3. University Application Process
Submitting the application for foreign university admission as per the student’s requirements and also attaching the documents required to submit.

4. The Student Visa Application Process
Once the student receives admission confirmation from the desired university and course of study, a student visa application is submitted to the concerned foreign authority.

5. Pre-departure meeting
The student got university admission and the required student visa to enter a foreign country. We will conduct a meeting to brief the student on the details of the country and precautions to take before traveling to a foreign country.

6. Accommodation assistance
Our Guidance Plus team will assist in finding the best accommodation near your university at an affordable rate that is also convenient for the student.

Ready to talk?

If you are planning to study abroad and are searching for the right overseas education consultant in Kochi or Kerala, then Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will be your best choice to make your plan a success.

Want to talk with our student counselors? Then schedule an appointment here or call 7736988854.

We are partnered with 1000+ foreign universities and premium institutes around the world.

With more than a decade of experience in the overseas education consultancy sector, our dedication and service quality have helped us partner with more than 1000 top foreign universities worldwide. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. reaches out to the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc. And we have connections with many premium institutes in these countries. We plan to connect with more countries and universities in the coming years. This is a symbol of our growth each year. This type of partnership with top-tier universities and institutes in various countries makes the process easier. This helps us when a study abroad aspirant or their parents approach us, and we never let them down. Our collaboration keeps us informed of all the processes and updates for foreign university admissions that occur each year at the government and private levels. The information about the changes in the student visa rules and regulations of each country will help us take action based on that, which will lead to a 100% student visa success rate. So when students who want to study abroad approach Guidance Plus Private Ltd., they never leave us disappointed.

Premium Institutions
See the words of our previous students.

Whatever a company says or markets about the quality of its service, a valid message can be heard in the customer’s voice. Yes, it’s very accurate. We can only believe what customers have said. One of the best study abroad consultants in Kerala—these are not our words. Previous students confirmed this based on their own experiences. They are Guidance Plus Private Ltd.’s true marketers. The students and their parents who actually experience the quality of our services bring their friends and relatives to us. They knew the benefits of the services we offered. Let’s see what they are saying:


If you have any questions about studying abroad, please visit our FAQ section, as there are some frequently asked questions.

When you study at a top-tier foreign university, you will get international exposure for your career. It will broaden your thinking and provide you with new skills to add to your resume. You will get the chance to study a variety of new courses that are not available in your home country. International students are drawn to developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc. Employability is also high in those countries.
It all depends on what you are looking for and what you want to study. Some countries have more to offer than others, such as a cheaper option or a stay-back option. Sometimes, distance and weather are also important deciding factors. The most popular international study destinations include the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.
We have partnerships with top-tier foreign universities in various developed countries, such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Canada, Australia, etc. Based on the student's academic qualifications, financial ability, skill sets, and the desired courses they want to study, we will recommend some top universities from our resources. We all know that not every student is qualified for every top-tier university. So we can choose the best-fitting foreign university according to students' eligibility.
This is one of your most important tasks. You must first decide what course or program you want to pursue, then choose the country that suits your needs and budget, and then search for universities in that country. You now have to choose the best option from all of the options.
Guidance Plus Private Ltd. only works with accredited and reputed foreign universities. Some of our previous students have received degrees from premium institutions. We only work with top and middle-tier foreign universities. We always represent such types of universities.
The total cost of studying abroad varies by country, university, and course of study. In developed countries, the cost of education ranges from INR 8 lakh to INR 20 lakh. The cost also depends on the travel and living expenses of the student.
The application fee ranges from $50 to $100.
Foreign universities or institutes have variable costs other than tuition fees, such as room and board, books and library costs, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses.
It will depend on your high school or college subject and your long-term goal.
Yes, you will be able to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while studying in a foreign country. This time will vary depending on the country or university. Some countries offer weekly 40-hour work permission on vacation. This will help international students meet their living expenses in those countries.
Most foreign universities admit students in September and January. Some universities have minor intakes in between. But Australia has student intakes in February and July. There are also rolling intakes offered by some countries.
Foreign university admissions procedures are typically lengthy. Application submission would begin one year before a university began accepting international students for an intake. Top-tier universities have a high competition to get students admitted to a course. When a student registers with Guidance Plus Private Ltd., it will take one to six months to complete the whole admission process.
It is entirely dependent on the country and university you choose. Because each country or university has its own requirements and language proficiency test bands, Most probably, the developed countries accept IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, SELT, GRE, etc.
It depends on the visa process of the respective country. Because the visa rules and regulations vary from one country to another. Usually, it will take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to get a student visa.
It depends on the visa process of the respective country. Because the visa rules and regulations vary from one country to another. Usually, it will take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to get a student visa.
There is on-campus and off-campus housing available in the foreign country. Sometimes university dorms fill up quickly. So the international students will stay outside the campus, which is nearer to the university. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. offers accommodation assistance to students who need off-campus and on-campus housing.
We know the concerns of a study abroad aspirant who is moving to a foreign country. That's why we always conduct a pre-departure meeting with the student and their parents to brief them on information about the new country, the culture, the style of living, campus life, and various situations to deal with. This will allow the student and their parents to relax and find the courage to proceed.
Yes, you will need to provide a bank statement when applying for a visa. When applying for a visa, some universities may require you to submit a bank statement.
Along with the application fee, you will need transcripts from high school or college, academic or professional recommendation letters, financial documents, language proficiency test results, personal statements or essays, a CV, a passport copy, and an application form.
International students can receive merit-based scholarships at many colleges and universities. However, the application process is very competitive. The majority of students are either sponsored by their guardians or parents, or they borrow student loans to finance their education.
International students automatically qualify for merit-based scholarships. Some universities have their own deadlines and scholarship applications.
Yes. It is recommended that undergraduate students have at least one school counselor and two recommendation letters from subject teachers. Two letters of recommendation from professors or professionals are required for postgraduate students. Make sure you check with each program to confirm their requirements.
Accepting the offer is the first step. You will need to pay the tuition deposit and the housing deposit. Also, you must submit documents like a passport copy, bank letter, or financial affidavit. After all, requirements are met, the university will issue an I-20 form. The student can then apply for their F1 student visa to enter the US. In the UK, students must apply for a Tier-4 student visa. Each country has its own regulations and rules.
These documents include an acceptance letter from the university, financial papers that show you have enough funds to cover your financial needs, and a genuine reason for studying abroad.
After you have been notified by the host university that you have been accepted and have gotten the student visa, you can start to organize your flights. We also provide flight ticketing services. We will book the cheapest and most convenient flight tickets for students.
It is up to you to decide how much money you bring. However, you should ensure that you have enough money to pay your house rent, as well as moving expenses for your accommodation, upon arrival. Also, you should have enough money to pay for temporary accommodation (hotel), meals, and transportation costs (buses, taxis).
It is a good idea to have $2000 on hand to pay for moving expenses and $1000 in travelers’ checks to pay for incidental expenses like hotel, meals, and transportation during your first few days. It is not a good idea to bring large sums of cash.
Each country has its own rules regarding a return. It is best to verify the specific country's rules.