Psychology is the study about human mind or a human behaviour, and the life of social science (such as how people behave how they act, they think, feelings and motivations, interact and reacts). Especially those affecting conscious or unconscious mantel attitude of a group or individuals and also it covers the human development, health, clinical, sports, cognitive processes and social behaviour. In psychology field, a professional researcher is called a psychologist and can be classed as a behavioural, social and scientist. It attempts the role of biological and psychological process. Our psychology major studies will provide the human behaviour. It can be applied to day to day life. The [psychology theories that form the foundations of human activities like reacting and act, feel, thoughts and these theories range from the social interaction with others to the biological like how the brain works. At the masters level, students can specialize in the subject such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, counselling psychology and developmental psychology. Some foreign university they provide the clinical psychology in post-graduation level, and it studies the diagnosis, treatment of mental disorders, and the other specialisation subjects include such as cognitive psychology, educational psychology, applied psychology, and social psychology 


There are some different branches of psychology; which is neuropsychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, health psychology, occupational psychology, forensic physiology, clinical psychology, evolutionary psychology, some universities or institutions were trained this branches. These programs in psychology studies in Singapore, they are providing foundation certification courses, diploma and advanced diploma, bachelors, masters and PhD.

Educational psychology studies offering various sectors which may include social group, peer group, home environment. The course psychology gives wide educational and career opportunities in overseer; in Singapore psychological society has its own placement requirements for the registration as a psychologist in Singapore. The top institutions in Singapore offering the psychology course, teaching and research facilities for the psychology are excellent at the Singapore campus. If you are looking to study in Singapore, walk-in and find out more from the top study abroad consultancy in Kochi . GUIDANCE PLUS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES offers international universities and quality educational services.


Diploma in psychology is a full-time program in Singapore, it’s a certification course of 6 to 10 months. Students must be of the age 16 and above, they have to complete at least high school in the English language, the module cover up to behavioural statistics, psychological learning & emotions.


Advanced diploma in applied psychology, it is a 9 to 12 months full-time duration program. Additional criteria for the advanced diploma student should have completed their higher secondary or 2-year graduation from any psychology programs or humanities. The advanced diploma covers the syllabus of social psychology, personality and indifferent individual, family dynamics, neuropsychology, abnormal psychology & cognitive psychology.


The bachelor in psychology which is covers behaviour studies and anatomy, motivations, cultural value modification of human characteristic.Criteria for bachelor’s programs, the student should have completed +2, or awarded by any diploma in psychology.

This program extends to 3 to 4 years, depending on the country you are planning to study. If you are really interested to study psychology in Singapore, there are six bachelor’s degrees; you can choose from: psychological science, psychology science (honour), and biological science with psychology, psychology studies, and psychology with biological science. After completing the bachelor’s student can go for the master’s programs.


Masters in psychology is a one-year full-time program. Criteria for masters student should complete their bachelor degree with the average 60% of marks.The paper of psychology study’s the depth of psychologist such as neuron psychology, clinical, counselling, educational, co-operational, social psychology. The student can choose from the wide range of electives, according to their interested (it includes the human development, culture and social processes, brain and biology, Memory and cognition, industrial and organizational psychology. After completing the postgraduate program student can move to a PhD program in psychology there are wide opportunities.


Psychology studies give you wide range of opportunities it performs a large variety of options in the field of health industries such as; clinics, hospitals, schools, business, non-profit area, private sectors, and the psychologist are working in the field of some, mental sectors, health care organization system or government,
And the major employment areas are given below;

 Counselling psychologist
 Social psychologist
 Mental health care sectors
 Forensic psychologist
 High-intensity therapist
 Social services
 Training officer
 Development clinical psychologist
 HR, Lecture
 Educational psychologist,
 Rehabilitation adviser
 Childcare worker
 Victims advocate
 Psychology professor
 Media buyer
 Industrial psychologist
 Neuropsychology
 Engineering psychology
 Administrative hospital psychology
 Behavioural health specialist
 Child life specialist
 Patient advocate
 Employment specialist
 Behaviour specialist
 Facility administrator

Why study in Singapore?

Singapore leads a south finance, educational banking hub sector, and there are several benefits and career opportunities such as different educational system, culture, language, etc. Singapore is one of the countries in Asia that offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs at their Top Universities, for further details Walk-in and talk to counselors of the best study abroad consultancy in Kochi: The Guidance Plus Educational Services about the documents required for admission in Singapore, today.