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Without a doubt, the Graduate Route Visa has been important for Indian students for several reasons, chief among them being the ability to work and bring their families to the UK. It is noteworthy to mention that, between 2021 and 2023, 42% of all Graduate Route visas awarded will go to Indian students. It goes without saying that among Indian students, this visa is one of the most sought-after. Guidance Plus, being the leading UK study abroad agency in Kerala, extends our full support for achieving PSW visas for all our students.


The UK’s Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa, known formally as the Graduate Route, is an essential option for international students aiming to remain in the UK after their studies. This visa eases the shift from academic life to career growth and provides a distinctive chance to acquire significant work experience in the UK. With the help of this visa, students can obtain valuable job experience and even move towards more permanent work permits.


According to certain reports, Rishi Sunak is thinking about closing the Graduate Route or limiting its use to stem the tide of increasing migration before the next general election. In response, the National Indian Students and Alumni Association (NISAU) UK and over thirty university vice-chancellors have sent lengthy letters to 10 Downing Street, emphasising the advantages of keeping the graduate visa programme in place.


As the best UK student visa agency in Kochi, Team Guidance Plus concluded that Indian students stand to gain numerous advantages from the opportunities presented by the Graduate Route in the UK.

  • WORK IN THE UK: This visa permits Indian graduates to extend their stay and work in the UK for a duration of up to two years, and for PhD graduates, this extends to three years. This provision not only facilitates the acquisition of valuable work experience but also enriches their resumes, potentially opening doors to permanent residency prospects.
  • SCHOLARSHIP NOT REQUIRED: What sets the Graduate Route apart is its independence from the need for sponsorship by a specific employer, a requirement often encountered with other work visas. This freedom liberates Indian graduates to navigate various career paths and facilitates job transitions as necessary, ensuring flexibility and autonomy in their professional pursuits.
  • WORK ACROSS INDUSTRIES: Moreover, the Graduate Route imposes no restrictions on the sectors in which Indian graduates can seek employment. This inclusive approach enables them to explore opportunities aligned with their field of study or venture into new domains of interest without constraints. Such versatility empowers Indian students to capitalise on their skills and interests, maximising their potential for personal and professional growth in the UK.
  • IMMIGRATION PATHWAYS: Post-Study Work Rules may occasionally act as a means of obtaining citizenship or permanent residency in the host nation. Positive policies can offer an easier path to attaining immigration aspirations for Indian students who wish to relocate overseas.


Leading UK overseas education consultants in Kerala, Guidance Plus helps Indian students navigate the challenges of studying overseas by providing them with individualised advice and support. As per their specialists:

  • Indians constitute 42% of Graduate Route visa recipients, with 89,200 visas issued from 2021 to 2023.
  • The new visa restrictions have led to a 63% decrease in postgraduate student enrollments for the forthcoming academic year.
  • 70% of Indian students view gaining work experience as a crucial factor when deciding to study in the UK.
  • International students make a positive financial contribution to the NHS via the NHS surcharge.
  • For Indian students, the Graduator Route Visa policy has changed everything by giving them a competitive advantage in the global job market.

To fully benefit from the Graduator Route Visa, the leading UK study abroad agency in Kerala Guidance Plus stresses the significance of early planning and well-informed decision-making. This includes choosing the appropriate course and institution that will support one’s career aspirations.

In conclusion, the Graduator Route Visa policy has important ramifications for Indian students looking to pursue higher education options overseas and marks a major turning point in the UK’s efforts to draw and keep foreign talent. As one of the prominent UK study abroad agencies in Kerala, Guidance Plus enables students to take advantage of these opportunities by providing proactive guidance and strategic planning, which ultimately shapes their future academic and professional paths.

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