How to Select Right University For Abroad Study?


Getting admitted to the right university abroad eases half of your tension and struggles related to your overseas education. Overseas education provides students with a vast variety of courses option to choose from. Some of you may get confused about which course, university, or even, country you should choose for your abroad studies. You should have proper knowledge and understanding of the overall aspects of a nation and university before confirming one of them. You should look into the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular university for your abroad study. Selecting the right university from the given hundreds of universities is a challenging task.  Here, in this blog, you are going to see some measures which will help you to select the right university for abroad study.

1. Research on:

Having clear knowledge about a subject helps you to make the correct decision. For that, you should first do detailed research. You should enquire about the scope of foreign education, different course availability, various universities which offer the course of your choice, and so on.

  1. Majors: The first step in deciding to study abroad is to identify the major. You should have a clear idea about your choice of subjects. Foreign universities offer you a long list of subjects to major in. You should identify your passion and needs before choosing your subject. Enquire about the fee structure, job prospectus, and other features of the particular subject. Therefore, evaluating the course availability in different universities will help you to select the right university for abroad study.
  2. Target country: You should not forget to research different geographical and cultural aspects of your host country. The climate of the nation, the language spoken by them, living conditions, food, customs, culture, etc. should be considered while researching. Thus, conducting a detailed assessment of the overall features of your host country will help you to easily adjust to that nation. Moreover, by looking into the overall details of that country you can check whether this country is suitable for your abroad studies. This leads you to select the right university for abroad study.
  3. Universities: You should also study in detail about different universities which offer the courses of your choice. Some courses are not available in all universities. Thus, look into different universities which provide those particular courses. Moreover, enquire about fee structure, educational facilities, study environment, student friendliness, and other elements which help you in having a better student life at the university. Comparing and evaluating the facilities offered by different universities help you to select the right university for abroad study.

2. Check the requirements

The qualifications and requirements for abroad study asked by different nations and universities might vary. So, to select the right university for abroad study, you must identify the requirements of the institution which offers the course of your choice. Your qualifications should match their eligibility criteria for you to get admitted to that university. The requirements for different courses will not be the same. Some countries request their applicants to submit documents that prove their language proficiency. Therefore, you need to check the requirements and if needed attend the test recommended by them.

3. Participate in:

  1. University fairs: For students who aspire to secure their higher education from a foreign university, different organizations and study abroad consultancies arrange international education fairs. You might not be able to visit foreign universities for understanding their process before applying to them. However, these fairs are the best solution for this. By participating in some of such fairs, you will get an understanding of the university and its services. These fairs help you to select the right university for abroad study. 
  2. Delegate meets: Study abroad consultancies like Guidance Plus Private Limited conducts various delegate meets for study abroad aspirants. Such meetings are arranged for students who wish to know more about a university. These organizations provide you with a chance to meet officials from different universities across the world. Communicating with these officials will help you to select the right university for abroad study. You can clarify your doubts with those delegates who are the representatives of some particular universities. They will provide you an insight into the university, the courses, and other services offered there.

4. Attend Webinars

For students who won’t be able to physically appear for educational fairs, there are other opportunities to know about different universities. There will be different webinars organized by different institutions. Such webinars will be led by different university representatives and experts in the field of abroad studies. Participating in those webinars will give you a clear image of the university and the courses offered by them. You can clear your doubts with them regarding your admission to a particular university or college. This will help you to select the right university for abroad study.

5. Seek advice from experts

With your limited resources, the information you collected might not be enough for you to reach a conclusion. In such cases, you can ask for help from experts in the field of abroad study. You can seek assistance from a study abroad consultancy like Guidance Plus Private Limited. Such experts are frequently interacting with different students with various concerns and with the officials from various universities. They will enlighten you about different courses and job opportunities available in different countries. In this way, you will get a clear idea about your subject choice, and help you to select the right university for abroad study.


Every student might be concerned about various factors when they choose to study at a foreign university. This might include concerns about their living, security, food and accommodation, language issues, and so on. Identifying the right country, course, and the university is one of the other major concerns of many students. If you are too concerned about these factors and are not able to make a decision you can ask for help from the experts. You can contact us or book an appointment with us for speaking with our expert student counselors. They will assist you in every step of your application, providing you with all the details. We can help you to select the right university for abroad study. Choose the right step toward your dream together with Guidance Plus Private Limited.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Watch your step.”

– Thomas S. Monson

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