How to Find an Affordable Student Housing Facility Abroad

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How to Find an Affordable Student Housing Facility Abroad

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How will I find a proper student housing facility abroad? This will be one of the main concerns for many overseas study seekers. Leaving your family and moving to a new country for your education abroad is both exciting and edgy. You may be very thrilled about going to a foreign nation by yourself and enjoying complete freedom. At the same time, you will be worried. Some of the main concerns of students about studying abroad include issues regarding adaptability to a new environment, language barriers, cultural barriers, food and accommodation, etc. Of all these, finding a safe and affordable student housing facility abroad can be the most concerning.

Your dream destination might be a country that you know less about but have heard about from someone. You can’t get accommodation using this limited information in a foreign nation. The best approach to avoiding these issues is to choose a suitable living arrangement before you travel to that nation. In this blog, we are going to see different types of student housing facility abroad and how to get them.

Different types of student housing facilities abroad

  1. Homestay

Homestay is the most common type of student housing facility abroad. It offers you a feeling of being with a family. You will be provided with a private room, whereas all other spaces will be shared with the owner’s family. There might be some rules and regulations as you are living together with a family. Sometimes the food will also be provided by them. Homestays are a great opportunity for you to merge with the society in which you live. Together with that, it’s a great opportunity for you to master the language of that country. All these elements make it the best student housing facility abroad.

        2. Dormitory

Dormitory as a student housing facility abroad is not common at all universities. So, you should inquire with your university or institution beforehand. A bunch of students share the dorm. There will be students from different cultures and communities, speaking different languages. It’s an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. There will be certain rules and regulations imposed by the governing authority.

However, when compared to other student housing facility abroad, the rent for dorms is a bit expensive.

        3. Private Apartment

Another student housing facility abroad is renting a private apartment. It gives you the extreme liberty and freedom that you can enjoy in a foreign nation. You can choose the location where you want to live. You need to cook for yourself. Of all the available student housing facility abroad, renting a private apartment may be a bit too expensive and might not be affordable for every student.

         4. Private Student Rental Halls

The next option available as a student housing facility abroad is the private student rental halls. It’s similar to dorms but is located outside the campus. These can be shared rooms or private rooms. They may provide more facilities than a college dorm. The rent of such student housing facilities abroad may change according to the amenities provided by the landlord.

        5. Shared Apartment

The most common form of student housing facility abroad. This is considered to be the most affordable living system for students. Multiple students rent an apartment with shared common areas. You won’t have any rules and regulations to be followed like those in homestays and dorms.

The key factor in living in a shared apartment is that you should know how to adjust to multiple people.

Steps for getting a suitable student housing facility abroad

Finding accommodation in another country is not easy. There is always a chance of being fooled or scammed by others. Thus, we want to look into many factors before paying an advance or any payment to the concerned authority. Here, we are looking into some steps that will be helpful for you in getting a safe and affordable student housing facility abroad.

  1. Plan for your budget.

You should have a clear idea of your budget. This will help you eliminate housing options that are beyond your financial capacity. Some localities may be very expensive to live in. So, with a pre-planned budget in mind, your search for an affordable student housing facility abroad can be made easier.

The expenditures in a foreign country are comparatively higher than in our country. Proper planning of the budget will help you balance your overall expenditures. Being in a foreign nation, you need to support all your financial needs yourself.

          2. Decide on your preferred housing type.

Before searching for a suitable student housing facility abroad, you should have a clear idea of your needs and concerns. In foreign countries, international students go for a variety of housing settings like homestays, dormitories, private apartments, shared apartments, and private student rental halls. One of the main factors that you might need to keep in mind when selecting an affordable student housing facility abroad is your knowledge of your roommates. Also, you should have an understanding of your capacity to adjust to others and the circumstances.

         3. Search early

Try to start your search for accommodation in a foreign nation early. Multiple platforms are available to research a suitable student housing facility abroad. Conducting it earlier will help you search for and compare different housing setups and their affordability. Moreover, it will allow you to find people living in the same area. Connecting with them might be highly useful in finalizing your accommodations. You can search for a student housing facility abroad through different online sites or with the help of someone you know in that city. You can also seek the help of other students residing in the same locality or senior students at the same college or university.

However, if you are unable to locate an appropriate student housing facility abroad, you can seek assistance from the university you are enrolled in. Don’t rush your search. Take your time and look around for the finest options for available student housing facility abroad.

           4. Study the location

After identifying a proper student housing facility abroad, the next step is learning about the locality. You should research the neighborhood to determine whether the location is student-friendly. Moreover, several online platforms will help you find out about different housing locations and their details. This information will give you an overall view of the living standards and conditions in a particular area.

In addition to these, you must also think about the location’s proximity from your student housing facility abroad to your educational institution. If you can choose an affordable living facility nearby the university, your travel expenses can be cut in half.

        5. Communicate with the landlord and the residents.

Make an effort to get in contact with any residents of the area or someone familiar with the area. Ask them about the housing conditions and facilities surrounding the area before fixing the student housing facility abroad. By communicating with them, you will get an overall idea of the location.

During your rental period, you might be asked to follow certain rules and regulations. Communicate with the landlord to avoid any confusion in the future regarding those. Proper communication will help you maintain a peaceful relationship with your landlord and your neighbours. This will make your stay more comfortable in your selected student housing facility abroad.

        6. Beware of scams

An online search for a student housing facility abroad may lead you to scammers. The chances of you being fooled by them are high. As you are new to the particular nation, you may not be familiar with the places, rules, rent rate, and many other factors of the nation. Thus, the chances of scammers misleading you are high. Therefore, before confirming accommodation, find enough time to conduct a detailed inquiry about the property and place that you choose as your student housing facility abroad. Try to collect as many details as you can about the housing location and search for some residents of the area to collect further information. Thus, by conducting a proper investigation, you can identify an authentic student housing facility abroad.



Securing a higher education at a foreign university is the dream of many students. One thing that all of them are most concerned about is their safe accommodation. In this blog, you have seen certain steps that might help you find a safe and affordable student housing facility abroad.

Finally, after finding a suitable and affordable student housing facility abroad, you will be asked to sign an agreement with the landlord. Don’t forget to read through the agreement. Clarify with the landlord any doubts you have about the agreement. Confirm that every aspect of the agreement is acceptable. Every nation has certain rules about renting property. So, make sure that your landlord provides you with all such rights and privileges.

If you are unaware of your rights and rules regarding renting a property, you can seek the help of your institution or former students for assistance. Moreover, you can contact an expert or a study abroad consultancy like Guidance Plus Private Ltd. for any concerns regarding your accommodation in an overseas nation. We have a team of experts in study abroad consulting and providing all the assistance that you might need during your trip. For any assistance, you can book an appointment to contact us and speak with our experts here. 

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