How to apply UK Study Visa Individually? – Step by step procedure

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Nowadays, most of the Indian students are fascinated to pursue their higher qualifications from the UK. More than 130 UK Universities are accepting international students. UK Universities’ massive infrastructure can absorb sky scrapping aspirants’ volume. Most of the Indian students are choosing UK studies for their UG, PG, Ph.D. programs. The quality of applications determines the offers and visa success.

Firstly, Candidate needs to choose a specific UK University. Furthermore, they can apply through an agency or directly to their respective universities. Most of the agencies have a representation agreement with the Universities. They can advise the student on the relevant courses then start the application process on behalf of the student. Afterward, The University will analyze the application. Around 03 days to 45 days will be the turnaround time. In addition, the institution will release course offers, either conditional or unconditional. Unconditional offers steer to the visa processing stage. The student must submit the required documents for achieving an unconditional offer.

Secondly, the agency will prepare the Student to meet the credibility interview. Also, students entail their academics and financial documents to meet the visa process. UK Visas and Immigrations have specific frameworks. The student needs to meet up the VISA essentials. Indian students occur medical procedures as per the UKVI accredited hospitals. Also, financially the aspirants have to prove they have sufficient funds to meet up their education and living expenses abroad. In inner London, the aspirant must keep their remaining tuition fees payment along with their living expenses 12006 GBP for 28 days. In outer London, they must maintain whatever their fees and 9207 GBP living expenditure.

Thirdly, a Successful credibility interview ushers the Candidate to achieve a CAS letter. Then, aspirant has to file the VISA. Visa categories into three streams; a) Standard Visa, b) Priority Visa c) Super Priority Visa. Standard visa will take 30 days, and 348 GBP will be the cost. Priority Visa can obtain in 15 days and approximately higher fees than a standard visa. However, the applicant will achieve the UK visa in around 02 to 08 weeks. Eventually, the Student can arrange necessary travel itineraries. Agencies will support the Candidate to complete all the processes. Guidance Plus Educational Services is one of the top-rated agencies in Cochin to aid the aspirants to catch up with their career goals abroad.

All in all, the student can apply through an agency or directly and complete the stated procedures. Then, they can reach their UK University.

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