A study in Dubai, Especially hospitality is a big decision in international students future. The country
is more famous for Business, Hospitality, and Tourism. Dubai is the centre for best hotel chains and
tourism industry. Many of the premium Five star and seven-star hotels located in Dubai. After the
12th the students can pursue Diploma or Bachelors in Hospitality management program from this
country. Aspirants are studying how to manage a star hotel and how the life cycle of a hotel. Every
institution has a dissertation or projects in their studies. During the time of theory and practical
learning time, The student has an opportunity to do their thesis or projects in real practical
experience; They can work in hotel groups. Some of the dissertations are paid ones.
Universities are offering Diplomas to Masters level programs in this stream. In diploma the
program consists 2 to 4 semesters, Bachelors degree the program duration will be six semesters (3
Years), Masters degree will be two years. During the study duration, the learners know the area of
Hotel industry, Hotel services, Travel and Tourism Industry, Food and Beverages, Hotel Accounting,
Room Service, Event Planning, Human Resource Management, Hospitality marketing, I T. The
aspirants have an opportunity to do the practice in hotel chains. As part of the curriculum, the
students are working under star hotels learning the particular or optional papers in reality. These
industry attachment study curriculum will be helping the aspirants to catch the real industry
Dubai Hotel Schools are required decent academics from international students. Most of the
Bachelors and Masters degree requires 50% in students previous academic qualification. The
student who achieves more than 65% in their 12th English the student will be eligible for IELTS
Waiver. Major admission intakes are September and January.
There are many institutes are offering industrial placements also. Universities have a secure
network with the hotel groups in UAE, Either while the internship time or dissertation time the
students are placing in the hotels. After the degree, there are many institutes are offering industry
placements also. Dubai hotel management degrees are a very hot ticket in the hospitality industry
for the students. Once the student achieves the degree, They are not only studied middle east
degree, In Dubai there are European Universities, Asian Universities, Australian Universities, English
Universities are functioning. If the student pursues the degree, the qualifications accredited in the
worldwide. To know about more hospitality Universities and programs, Please speak with our
Admission Counselors.