Dubai is the heart of the United Arab Emirates. This country is more knowledgeable about
business, Fashion, IT, Finance. A fashion qualification attaining from Dubai is a big scale up in the
fashion student career. There are many institutes in Dubai offering Fashion degree programs at
different levels. Many of the English, Asian Universities are offering Bachelors in Fashion & Masters
in Fashion Degree courses. The main advantages of this program qualifying from Dubai are obtaining
a standard degree, A worldwide accepted qualification and Fashion industry placement opportunity.
The classes are very relevant and industry oriented syllabus are taught in Dubai. The outcome of the
program is the industry placement — the qualification the students to attain the industry
In Dubai, the Universities are offering bachelors in either 3 Years or 4 Years. During the time the
student is pursuing in detail about the subjects of Fundamentals and Principals of Fashion Industry,
Fashion Business, Creative Skills, Fashion communication, Consumer Behaviour, Textile Pattern,
Contemporary and Contextual studies, Fashion ads., Fashion Public Relations, Fashion Photography,
Jewellery Design, Footwear design. Apart from these modules, the students have either one
semester or trimester dissertation also. The students have research paper also, Most of the
Universities final semester the Fashion show will be there, Whatever subjects the students studied
they can work those areas into reality. Portfolio presentations also be a big part of F D student
career. If the candidate can build the best work collection, there is an opportunity to place in the
During the study time, many of the foreign Universities have an opportunity to visit and study 1
Year in their parent University campus abroad. The student is pursuing the qualification not only
from 1 country they have an opportunity to understand the different fashion choices and
perceptions in multiple countries. It will help the students career. The excellent students will get an
industry scholarship for further their studies. Approximately the fees will meet an average of Rs.
7,00,000/- to Rs. 18,00,000/- per annum. Many of the Middle east Institutions are offering
scholarships for their programs.
The fashion industry is growing day by day. The majority of young designers are placing in the
following categories.
Textile Production Unit.
 Manufacturer outlet.
 Pattern Drafting.
 Colour Analyst.
 Trendsetter.
 Fashion Stylist.
 Fashion Designer.
 Fashion Show Manager.
 Jewellery Designer.

 Footwear designer.
 Fashion Photographer.
 Fashion Illustrator.
To know more about the courses, University, Fees and Scholarships the students or parents can
communicate with our Dubai Fashion Counselor.