Engineering is a field of mathematics, science, economics and, build the maintain the processes, solutions and organizations

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Electronic engineering is a current engineering field which help the world to create all. Electrical application which are necessary in our day to day life. It covers the field with digital electronics, consumer electronics, and power electronics. And it implement with control system, system engineering, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, electric power control and many other

Diploma program in Electronic Engineering

It’s a level of diploma certificate course, the syllabus covers with radio energy, electrical elements, circuits, power electrical.. It is 3 year diploma program; candidate must have complete 10th in the stream of mathematics and science. After complete diploma course student have lots of employment options like technical head, communication operator, radio journalist, technical head..


It’s a 4 year graduation program; edibility criteria for the program is 10th and after +2 with minimum agnate marks of 60%.The subject area covers physics, chemistry, mathematics, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering. Employment options are electronic engineer, test engineer, power electrical engineer. Advanced course are Electronic engineering


It’s a 2 year post graduate course M.TECH. Candidate must have passed B.TECH/B.E. And also it refers to as an Electronic Engineering. The subject covers theory, practical, microprocessor engineering, digital process .Employment options are software engineer, delivery manager, shift supervisor, electronic engineer. After completing M.TECH student can become engineer


Electrical and electronic engineering are very closed related but there are some minute differences. These two are the largest branches in engineering field. Electrical which is related to transmission, generations, measurements… Electronics which is related to circuits engineering. There are various educational opportunities in this field like Diploma, Bachelors and Masters Program in Electrical and electronic engineering.
Diploma program in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Diploma of Electrical and electronic engineering is a certificate course which is 3 year long duration. Candidate should have completed 10 or +2 in streams of mathematics and physics. The syllabus applied science, mathematics; electrical circuit electrical machines… career opportunities are IT assistant, lab assistant, technical sale and technical support assistance
(B. TECH) BACHELOR OF ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING it’s a 4 year bachelor program, candidate can apply after +2th or diploma courses with the mathematics, physics, and chemistry field. The area of subject is electricity, electronics and electromagnetism in detail class. Employment options are like process maintenance, technician, mobile headset service technician, advance course are m.tec


It’s a 2 year master program after complete /B.E. This postgraduate course which is study or application of electron and electrical, the employment opportunities are very high such as tool development engineer, technical apprentice, design and validation engineer after completing student can go for PhD.


its a broad based course, candidate can apply for the PhD, some university value the GATE exams and its a 3 year doctorate program there are so many course beneficial such as student can go for various electrical and electronic engineering related job ..


Mechanical engineering is the study of maintain the mechanical system of manufacture, mathematics, physics and the applied engineering. And also its design of mechanical systems, this industries cover such as nanotechnology, manufacturing, nuclear power productions, cooling and heating, aeronautics .Area covers machinery weapon, such as design production and the operation of machinery. The role of a mechanical engineer is take product from idea to marketplace. Mechanical engineering course provide like; diploma program, (mechanical engineering), (mechanical engineering),, PhD..


Diploma program cover physics, maths, chemistry and some engineering programs.. It’s a 3 year program; candidate can apply after 10th or +2. Job opportunities are like technician, supervisor, and technical fields


Bachelor is four year program; eligibility criteria for the bachelor candidate should pass +2 stream of science or completed diploma in engineering with not less than 50%, and after completing the bachelor student have various opportunities in the field of energy sector, auto mobile, oil gas plant sectors. The program cove software sector also, power, generation, industries also..


It is a 2 year program; eligibility criteria for the master’s candidate must have complete or B.E in mechanical engineering with the entrance test (GATE), the area cove steal plant, oil and petroleum industries, and aeronautical, agricultural chemical. Many employment opportunities such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing, technical manger…… it’s a method of creating the drawing machine process. This course often students associate with degree level, technical college and universities in India and overseas.
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