Dubai is a highly developed country in the United Arab Emirates. The land which is known as the
business, Trading, Technology. Dubai Capital in the UAE. Dubai knowledge villa is also known as the
education hub in the Middle East. This Arab Country is very much focussed higher education
development in their premise. They have three types of education system functioning. Firstly they
have Arabian Public Universities. Secondly, they have private Universities, Thirdly in Dubai have
Foreign Universities. Dubai is a very much keen focus to associating with the foreign Universities.
Those Universities are functioning in Dubai are their campuses and their education as similar than
their parent campus.
Engineering is one of the hottest courses in Dubai. Most of Engineering Bachelors and Masters
degree providers are very reputed and highly ranked University in the world. Their engineering
curriculum is most advanced, and many of the Engineering degree providers have an opportunity to
do minor specializations apart from the Major functional areas. There are many Universities are
providing optional papers also. University faculty pool is very excellent; Faculties are from all over
the globe. The student is getting an opportunity to interact with the international faculty pool. Dubai
Universities workshops equipped with most advanced types of machinery, Software’s, Equipment,
and Labs.
International boards and bodies recognize most of the Engineering degrees and post-graduate
degrees from the middle east. For Example, American Society of heating refrigerating and air
conditioning engineers (ASHRAE), Association of Society of Automotive Engineers (ASME)… Apart
from the qualification, the young engineering aspirants have an opportunity to participate in indoor
and outdoor sporting activities in Dubai, Alumni networks, Dubai Shopping festivals. The student
education will never be a boring life in Dubai.
Many of the Engineering Universities have Faculty Mentorship program; Through this program,
the student can clear their engineering subjects doubts with their faculties. In Bachelors of
Engineering the students can do the following streams ;
 Aeronautical Engineering.
 Aviation Engineering.
 Computer Science Engineering.
 Electronics and Electrical.
 Electronics and Communication.
 Mechanical.
 Chemical.
 Petroleum.
 IT…
Entry criteria ;

The student is interested in Bachelors in Engineering course. The student needs to qualify at least
50% in their 12th Standard of education, but according to the University demand, Some University
required 50% – 60% score in their 12th standard. Apart from the academics, The student needs to
prove their English speaking skills to qualify their eligibility. Many of the Universities have a waiver of
IELTS, PTE, TOEFL test. They will consider the student 12th English score, If the candidate is meeting
65% above in their 12th English, the majority of the University will review the student. For Masters
in Engineering, the entry required the student need to qualify their Bachelors in engineering from
any technical University from abroad (Inclusive home country) with 50%, and The higher studies
Universities will consider their eligibility.
Universities like Middle Sex, Herriot Watt, Manipal University, Birmingham University, Rochester
Institute of Technology. have a facility for their postgraduate students. The student can study in the
morning batch for their post-graduate studies; During their study duration, the student qualifies any
of the job opportunity in Dubai. The student can continue their studies in the evening. The student
can do their studies from 6.30 PM to 9.30 P M. Course can conduct in part-time mode, Normal
Masters duration will be 1 Year, The Part-Time term will be 2 Years.
Dubai is very opportunity oriented country. The country which will deliver clear insight about the
Engineering qualifications and technology upgrades. The students can economically live their life
also. The fees and expenditure will be comparatively lower than UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand…
Living Expenditure per month approximately the student need to meet 3000 AED to 4000 AED.
Career Opportunities in Dubai after the Engineering degrees ;
Most of the engineering graduates are working below mentioned areas ;
 Project Engineer.
 Procurement Engineer.
 The IT Consultant.
 Quantity Surveyor.
 Financial Analyst.
 Logistics Coordinator.
 Planning Engineer.
 Process Engineer.
 System Administrator.
 Plant Managers.
 Engineering Managers.
 Supervisors…

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