Digital marketing

The age of Digital is immense and potential. In every decade the trend of digital is far and far best
and unavoidable. The technology innovated products and services people like very much. Every
Industry and Business have marketing; Without marketing, they cannot stand in this competitive era.
Every corporate leader is facing the competition, Without Return on Investment the corporate
cannot sustain their industry. Marketing is generating money for their business. Every company have
a big budget for their marketing. They are working for that budget to achieve the company’s goals
and needs, That is the power of Digital Marketing in this era.
Digital marketing is an unavoidable tool in the marketing channel for Big Corporates, Medium
Business and SME’s. Each industry or Business have their nature but consumer psychology is almost
be the same to make a buying or selling before decision making customer will search Digitally for the
best review, Feedback, Satisfaction. The technology proliferated, Every consumer has the best
access to the technology — many of the buying or selling decisions inclined with Digital influence on
the costumer. Digital Marketing role is vital in the current business world.
Dubai is the hub for many business and organisations. Study Digital Marketing program in this
country will change the student's career very much. Most of the Universities have industry oriented
curriculum and research facilities. Many of the Universities have recent case studies about the
digital industry. If a student absorbs those knowledge their experience will be vast. What are the
modules an aspirant is learning ;
• Branding and Advertising.
• Digital Advertisement.
• Social Media Management.
• Social Media Marketing.
• E-Marketing.
• Customer Behaviour.
• Professional Practice.
• Research Methods and Dissertation.
Many of the modules are very compulsory and optional. Depend upon University the modules
will change or add the new one. After 12th standard, the young students have an opportunity to
learn bachelors in Digital Marketing. Any degree holders have a chance to achieve Masters in DM.
The entry criteria for this program will vary differently to education providers. Majority of the
Institutions are demanding either 50% in the student previous academics or relevant work
experience to qualify this program. Apart from that, the Institutions require strong English
communication for this course, Most of the UK Universities have Waiver option. If the student
qualifies 65% in their 12th standard CBSE English, they will waiver IELTS.
In Dubai, there is some foreign Universities are running their campuses. Universities like Herriot
Watt, Middle Sex, have 2 Year program for a Masters full-time student. If the student is getting a job,
they can study their course in a part-time model. Nowadays many of the corporate leaders are

attending M Sc in Digital marketing program. The program is beneficial for following class peoples,
Fresh Students, Marketing Managers, Business Analysts, Strategic managers, CEO, Managing
Director. Universities have real case studies opportunities; The student can work under corporates
for six months and have a chance to learn reality. After the program what will be the career
opportunities for the students?
 Electronic Marketors.
 Social Media Managers.
 Business Analyst.
 Digital Entrepreneurs.
 Digital Managers.
 Digital Marketing Head/Manager.
 Digital Campaign Manager.
 Search engine Analyst.
 Ads. Manager.
The average cost per year for this program will come at least 14 lakhs per Annum. Many of the
Universities are offering Scholarships and Bursaries for their young graduates. The interested
students have a significant potential opportunity in Dubai. To know more about the course, Fees,
University details the student can speak with our counsellor. Guidance Plus dedicated counsellor is
ready answer your precious query at any point of time.