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How did Guidance Plus Private Ltd. become one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam?

A state with the highest literacy rate in the country will have many educated students who will complete their studies each year. They know the value of education, which will help them build a bright career in life. Because of the highest literacy rate, parents and students are equally aware of their future studies. So each year, lots of students who pass out will not get higher education opportunities within the state due to the lack of seats for the course that they want to study. These students will search for admissions in other states of India. Some of them will go abroad for higher studies.

Specialty of the district

We know there are more colleges situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, and Ernakulam districts in the state. And there are 49 colleges in the Ernakulam district, and most of them are well known. So many students from all over the state will come to Ernakulam to complete some courses. The district is not only famous for the colleges but also for having Cochin International Airport, Cochin Port, Kochi Metro Rail, international tourist spots, Infopark, Special Economic Zones, and many state and central government organizations, private companies, etc.

Ernakulam is also known as the commercial capital of Kerala, and Kochi is one of the most literate cities in the country, with more than 20 lakh people. People from many parts of the country are coming to Ernakulam to live. There are numerous IT parks and industrial areas in the area where people can start careers. Due to this large population, the students are also not getting seats in the colleges within the state because there are a lot of students getting high scores and the competition for getting seats is also very high. This will lead them to go to other states or countries for higher studies. As a result of these factors, many overseas education consultants began offering their services in Ernakulam. You can find so many overseas education consultancies in the district, but few of them are offering genuine guidance services to the students who want to study overseas.

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Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala.

Guidance Plus Private Ltd. started its services to provide the best guidance to students who want to study abroad. We clearly know the market demand, especially in Kerala. Even in states with a high literacy rate, there is a lack of awareness about overseas education. Parents and students are both confused about how to go abroad for higher studies and what the requirements and procedures are. Here is where the actual role of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam begins. A foreign education consultant will clear up all the confusion for students and parents about studying abroad. They will properly guide you to make your study abroad dream a reality. Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam, has more than a decade of experience in the field, having sent thousands of students to various foreign countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia, etc. A reputed overseas education consultant has partnerships with many foreign universities. This will help the students easily get admission to a top-tier foreign university for the course they want to study.

What makes us the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam?

It is well understood that an overseas education consultant becomes the best in a region by providing the best services to their customers. So Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is well-known in Ernakulam as well as in Kerala for the quality of the services that we have provided to students who want to pursue a foreign education. We have two branch offices in Ernakulam district with a team of overseas education counsellors, documentation specialists, and visa processing teams to assist the students who want to study abroad. The expert team will continue to follow up with the students at each stage of the process until they reach the foreign country where they want to study.

Students only need to listen to the counsellors’ advice. Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam, has a step-by-step procedure that students who want to study abroad must follow. This step-by-step procedure will assist them in realising their dream of studying abroad. We have partnerships with more than 1,000 foreign universities in various countries. This will help us provide the students with 100% student visa success rates. Because of these reasons, our previous students have stated that Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam as well as Kerala. This is our strength to move forward.

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How did we become one of the best overseas education consultants in Kerala?

As previously stated, one will become the best in a region based on the quality of services they provide to their customers. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. did not become one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala by using black magic. We provided the students with what they desired. The study abroad aspirants and their parents who approach Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will never go with a sad heart. They always leave us with heartfelt happiness.

To make our customers happy, we provides the following services:

1. Counselling

Whenever a study abroad aspirant approaches Guidance Plus Private Ltd., our overseas education counsellors will patiently listen to the concerns of the students and their parents too. Once we clearly understood the needs of the students, then our counsellors started their role of detailing the various universities and courses available in the country where the student wanted to pursue their education. Most of the students are coming with the decision that they want to do a course in a particular country. So the counsellors will describe the top-tier universities available in that country and the courses suited for the student. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam always remembers that a student’s career will depend on the course and university they want to study at. This will be a pivotal decision in their lives, as well as the foundation of their family.

We know that when we choose one of many options, it is always a little confusing and sometimes stressful. According to our experience, both the student and their parents will be nervous in such a situation. This time, they actually need the help of the best and most experienced overseas education consultants to make the right decision.

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To choose a course at a university in a student’s dream country, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam, always considers the interests, values, and abilities of the student. This is the way we approach the concerns of a study abroad aspirant because we will go through all the facts and simple things to calculate the financial aspects too. We will collect each and every detail about the student to make the right decision because parents are always concerned about their children. And another important thing is that finances are also major concerns for both the student and their parents. The courses chosen to study at the specific university in the dream country are also determined by the student’s or their parents’ financial capabilities. So in our counselling session, we will provide the information according to your budget constraints as well. A good decision based on all the facts and figures will lead to success.

Guidance Plus Private Ltd. helped thousands of students by providing the right details at the right time. It helped them build a dream career in their favourite country. After getting admission to a foreign university, many of them suggested their friends choose Guidance Plus Private Ltd. as their overseas education consultant.

They are our real marketers.

It’s very true that our real marketers are our previous students who were satisfied with our extensive services. We have a clear counselling procedure that will make every student and their parents more comfortable with the whole process. When a person becomes more relaxed in a critical situation, they are better able to focus on the things that truly require their attention. This is one of the best things Guidance Plus Private Ltd. can offer to the students and parents who approach us with a study abroad plan. We know the minds of study abroad aspirants and their parents’ concerns. With over a decade of experience in the field of overseas education consultants, we have created well-structured operation procedures that will ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our services.

We are confident that what we offer will be very beneficial to each study abroad aspirant. If you are searching for the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam or Kerala, please make an appointment here. Our education counsellors will address your concerns soon.
2. Course Selection

We are all well aware that a course we take will be a turning point in our lives. This will have a significant impact on everyone’s lives and will determine where we go from here. Therefore, choosing the right course at the right time is critical for a study abroad candidate. One candidate usually chooses a course based on their interest, abilities, career goal they want to achieve, financial status, employability, and work experiences. So before choosing a course to study abroad, the candidate must know the subject of the course, its scope in the future, and their employability chances in the market. We know that each student has totally different interests and perceptions. Some candidates may be perplexed about which course to take and how long the course must be. In such a situation, they really need one of the best overseas education consultants. One of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, such as Guidance Plus Private Ltd., will properly guide the candidate. They will explain each course that the student wishes to study as well as the availability of the course at each institute.

Our overseas education counsellors are with you till you reach your destination.

Our overseas education counsellors will provide the student with proper guidance to choose the best course at the right university. Sometimes it is possible to change the undergraduate course. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. has partnerships with more than a thousand universities in various countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, etc. As a result, students interested in studying abroad can review the course offerings at each university and clarify any questions with our student counsellors. Guidance Plus Private Limited’s student counsellors are experts at guiding students toward the desired course of study abroad. Students can inquire about course details such as whether they are eligible to take a specific course, the cost of the course at a university, the rating of the course at the institute, and so on.

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3. Selecting University

When a study abroad aspirant selects a course that they want to study, the next thing is deciding which university or institute to study that course at. It is also critical to select both the course and the university where you will study it. Each foreign university or institute has its own merits and demerits. We know that choosing one university or institute from too many options is somewhat difficult and confusing. In such a situation, making the right decision is challenging for the students. Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, has a lot of experience handling these types of situations for many students.

When choosing a university for a course in a foreign country, there are many things to consider. Study abroad aspirants may not be aware of all of the details. Study abroad consultants can help with that.

The following parameters are considered when Guidance Plus Private Ltd. suggests a university for the student:
  1. The global ranking of the foreign university or institute the student wants to study at.
  2. The courses offered by the institute
  3. The faculties available for the particular course in the university and their academic achievements.
  4. The tuition fee for a course at the university or institute
  5. Eligibility requirements for the course at the university
  6. Campus
  7. The city in which the university or institute is situated.
  8. Accommodation is available on the university campus.
  9. University placements from the previous year.
  10. Admission of international students to the university.
  11. Does the university permit students to work part-time?
  12. Student life on university campuses
  13. Extracurricular activities supported by the university.

Considering the above points when choosing a foreign university will lead to a good decision for study abroad aspirants.

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4. Application Procedure

As already stated, we always follow a well-structured procedure for all our operations. We maintain the same in all things. When a student wants to study abroad, they must follow step-by-step procedures to complete the whole process. First, they have to submit an application to the foreign university for the course that they want to study. When a student is accepted into a university, they must apply for a student visa. Each application submitted by the students also needs to include so many required documents. For this, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is an expert in managing the entire application process. You can trust us with everything, from the application through coordinating university departments and receiving an offer.

Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, welcomes applications for study abroad in the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree courses
  • Master’s degree courses
  • PhD course
  • Diploma courses
  • Short-term courses

Each university has its own application procedures to follow. This should be done with the utmost care by the candidate, because any errors or mistakes on the application lead to rejection. As a result, the study abroad candidate must seek advice from experienced consultants, such as Guidance Plus Private Ltd. Our application process team will assist the candidate in submitting a successful foreign university application. We have partnerships with more than a thousand top-tier foreign universities and also perform a good middleman role between the universities and study abroad aspirants. This will benefit the candidates by allowing them to obtain any information they desire.

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5. Assistance with clear language proficiency tests

Everybody knows that the majority of the foreign universities’ communication language is English. The students who want to study abroad need to meet the minimum language requirements of the foreign university. One of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. has assisted many students to go to foreign universities in various countries, such as the USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia, etc.

Every year, we send many students to foreign countries. Some students are coming without any language proficiency in English; in those cases, our language experts will assist them in clearing the English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, SELT, etc. We will properly guide the candidates with our previous experiences, which will help them easily clear the tests. Each foreign university has its own minimum language proficiency requirement, so our team will assist the study abroad aspirant in obtaining the required score on the language proficiency test.

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6. Documentation

From the above-mentioned points, you might be aware of the importance of error-free documentation for an abroad study plan. When a study abroad aspirant starts to apply to universities in a foreign country, there should be a lot of required documents to submit as per the university’s norms and conditions. The online application forms must also be filled out carefully by the candidate. After being accepted to any foreign university, the student must apply for a student visa. The candidate must also submit a number of documents for the student visa application process. Each application process for studying abroad is critical. In our experience, a candidate who has not submitted all required documents or who lacks sufficient information may be denied admission. The same thing happens in student visa applications as well. Any errors or missing documents result in the rejection of the student visa. Guidance Plus Private Ltd., one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, has an expert documentation team to assist study abroad aspirants.

We offer information to assist you in creating complete and error-free documents. Our team always stays informed about the changing requirements of any documents and the laws set by respective bodies.

We know very well that it is difficult if the student tries to prepare the documentation required for both the university application and the student visa application. Because each one has its own requirements and formalities. A novice in the field will become confused by misunderstandings and errors. Don’t worry about these things; just leave them to us, and Guidance Plus Private Ltd. will take care of them. Please make an appointment with our student counsellors now. We will reach you soon.

The following documents are required for any study abroad application:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Educational qualification certificates and report cards
  • Proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, SELT, etc.
  • Application
  • UCAS (for UK admission)
  • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Visa papers
  • Financial Statements
  • Research Proposal for PhD candidates
7. Visa Counselling

If a student wants to study abroad and gets admission to any foreign university or institute, they need a student visa to enter the country. So after receiving an offer letter from the University for a Course they want to take, the student needs to submit the student visa application to the external affairs department of the concerned country. The candidate must also follow certain procedures. The best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam, Guidance Plus Private Ltd., always keep up with changes in rules and regulations for student visas from foreign countries. Because each country has its own requirements and rules for issuing visas, our team will provide visa counselling to the students who want to apply for a student visa. We are not only providing student visa counselling but also providing information for dependent visas if the candidate plans to go with their life partner to a foreign country.

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Once the student submits a successful student visa application, they will call for a visa interview. We understand how difficult it is to pass a visa interview. That’s why we are providing the visa interview preparation guidelines to the candidates. Our team handling the student visa application process will properly guide you and assist you in clearing the visa interview by conducting mock visa interviews.

Guidance Plus Private Ltd. also provides assistance in the following areas:
  • Get the Visa Application Form
  • Complete the application form.
  • You will need the accompanying documentation.
  • The correct visa application fee must be enclosed.
  • All required documentation and forms are attached.
  • The student should be coached on how to behave during interviews.
One of our highlights is our 100% student visa success rate.
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When you submit a student visa application to the ministry of external affairs of a foreign country, you should be aware of the following:
  • You are applying for the student visa with an unconditional offer letter or with a conditional offer letter. If you are applying for the student visa with a conditional offer letter, then you need to fulfil the requirements when you join the university or meet the necessary requirements in the conditions of the university or institute. At times, the student visa for the conditional offer letter may be delayed.
  • Always try to provide accurate details regarding your residence and contact information.
  • Make sure that original documents and certificates are submitted for visa approval.
  • The provided financial statement should be in compliance with visa regulations.
  • Mention any previous trips to the country.
  • Mention any visa application that was rejected.
8. Accommodation Assistance

In addition to the tuition fee charged by the university or institute for a course, the majority of the cost of studying abroad is incurred in the country’s accommodation and living expenses. The conditions of the institute’s housing for international students vary depending on the universities and countries. For example, many universities in the U.K. will guarantee you a place in university housing if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have filled out an application for full academic sessions.
  • The university has offered you a place in their program.
  • You submitted your application for accommodation prior to their “Last Day.” These dates will be listed on the university’s web site.

Accommodations are provided for the first year. After that, the student has the option to move out or stay in university housing.

Most universities have a list of places that can provide accommodation in recognized or approved quarters. To be granted accommodations, students must request them in advance. There are both single and shared quarters. If you’re travelling with your spouse or family members, it is possible to arrange family accommodation.

Don’t worry; we will make you feel at ease.

Sometimes the accommodations provided by the universities in a foreign country may be costly for Indian students. In such cases, the students can search for privately rented shared apartments near the university. Many students will share one apartment, which will reduce the cost of living. As one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. provides accommodation assistance to the candidates who approach us. We have many contacts with previous students and alumni who are staying closer to the universities. Using these contacts, we can arrange accommodation for the students.

We know the concerns of the students as well as those of their parents. A good place to stay will enable students to study more effectively and concentrate more on their studies. Guidance Plus Private Ltd. is concerned not only with helping students gain admission to any foreign university, but also with ensuring that our candidates live in a safe and comfortable environment in the foreign country.

9. Pre-departure Meeting

As one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala, Guidance Plus Private Ltd. does not just send students to an overseas university; we always make sure everything is going well as per the students’ and their parents’ wishes. Once the student has received an offer letter from a foreign university and a student visa, we will help them book the flight tickets and, following that, conduct a pre-departure meeting to brief them on the important things to remember before leaving India.

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You are about to embark on a beautiful and rewarding journey. You will learn new things, experience new things, and make progress towards your goal. Before you embark on the actual journey, here are some important things to remember.


You must ensure that you have submitted your application for university housing before the “last day” as specified by your university.

Make sure you have specified the type of accommodation: single, shared, or unisex.

If required, pay the deposit at the university.

If you’ve chosen to stay in “private accommodation,” verify its location and bring the necessary documents that outline the terms and conditions you have agreed to.

Bedding should be purchased separately or carried in the appropriate size.

Flight Ticket Booking

Guidance Plus Private Ltd. provides the candidates with a flight ticket booking service. You will get a good flight at the cheapest price at a convenient time.

Make a call and book your ticket to your dream country.


Confirm your travel arrangements.

You must confirm and check the validity of your passport and tickets before you travel from your country to the country where it is to be studied.

Confirm that airport pick-up is scheduled. When they arrange for “university pickup” at the airport, universities usually have specific dates. These dates should be confirmed and registered with the university. This will make it easier for you to travel to the university.

If you travel by private means, book your travel arrangements in advance. You can get the phone numbers of the taxi companies that the university recommends for your convenience.


A bank account is necessary for many services that you might need during your time in a foreign country. Make arrangements with your university to get a bank account so you don’t have to wait until you arrive in the country.


To confirm your arrival, the university may ask you to complete a registration form. To find out if such forms are required, visit the website or the “Arrival Kit” to check.

You can contact us anytime. We are always ready to help you. Just make a call.


Each country has a different immigration process. You should ensure that all documents are available for inspection upon arrival. Here is a brief overview of the documents required:

For UK.

  • A Valid Passport
  • Student visa
  • Family members who are travelling or staying with us need a visa.
  • ATAS certificate for postgraduate students (if needed)

An immigration officer may request to inspect all documents during immigration. For inspection, please keep all original documents in your hand luggage.

Sometimes, the immigration officer may interview you at immigration. At this stage, they try to determine your English. They have the right to do this and may sometimes exercise it. Don’t panic, and answer all questions clearly.

You might be asked by the immigration officer to show your account statement, which you have produced to obtain the visa. The same documents should be available. You should always have a copy of the documents with you. Although this is not an everyday task, it has been done in the past, so be ready.

In case of an emergency, make sure you have the university’s phone number as well as the number of the International Advisor.


You should check the list of vaccines you need. Every country has its own list of recommended vaccines that students should have before entering the country.

To validate the vaccination at immigration, the officer may ask for the certificate of a doctor.

To view the recommended vaccines, visit the website for the university you plan to study at.

Last minute check-list

Before you set out on your journey, make sure you have these things:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid student visa
  • Flight Tickets
  • Original certificate and grade cards
  • Original unconditional university offer letter or acceptance letter
  • Original documents are required for IELTS, TOEFL, SELT, GRE, SATs, and other admission tests.
  • Phone number for the university help desk or international officer
  • Phone number for Airport Travel Agency
  • Currency of the respective country


After reading this blog, you might understand how Guidance Plus Private Ltd. became one of the best overseas education consultants in Ernakulam and Kerala. We offer a comprehensive solution for Kerala students interested in studying abroad. If you are planning to study abroad, then now is the right time to talk. Please book an appointment with our student counsellors today. We will get back to you soon.

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